Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Gift of a Clean House with Glover Maintenance

I would be lying if I said this pregnancy has been easy. I have been hit with some really not fun complications this time around and sometimes it feels like I am muddling through. Between work with Housewife Eclectic, being a mom, being pregnant and working as a photographer, something had to give. Sadly, that something was the more difficult housework. I am usually the clean my floors on my hands and knees kind of person, but it was getting to the point where cleaning my floor or kitchen up to the standards I wanted, wasn't even possible. It was really frustrating to me to feel so behind on my house and I was feeling some extreme mom and wife guilt when I was contacted by Glover Maintenance

Hiring a company to clean my house has never really been on my radar, I always thought of it as a luxury of the rich. It seemed like something I never thought I could afford, but with Glove Maintenance everything was so reasonable, I wanted to try them out. I expected to be happy with the service, but I was blown away. 

Two workers accomplished more in two hours than I could accomplish in triple that. My floors, kitchen and bathrooms were immaculate, they even cleaned the surfaces I forget about, like the windowsills and baseboards. I wish I had taken before pictures of the inside of my microwave so I could show you what a difference they made. I love that they wiped down all of my appliances, large and small. My mixer, my food processor, my fridge and my knife blocks have never looked better. 
 My downstairs bathroom has been a source of frustration for me since we moved into this house. The toilet has always had a permanent ring that no cleaner I have ever tried has helped. I gave up making it look clean a long time ago and instead have taken the approach of apologizing to every person who uses the bathroom, promising them it really was clean.  When the workers from Glover Maintenance started cleaning the bathroom, I told them to not even bother worrying about the toilet, that it was a lost cause. They told me they would try anyway and when I checked the bathroom later, I was shocked. My bathroom was really and truly clean, something I hadn't been able to accomplish with every bathroom cleaner I could get my hands on. 
My husband asked me if I thought it was weird to have people cleaning my house while I worked upstairs and I have to say, not at all. It was actually kind of amazing. I was able to get everything on my to do list done that day and have the satisfaction of a clean home. I spent that evening playing games with my husband and daughter instead of trying to scrub up the kitchen after a long day of work and that is worth every penny. 

Since every house is different, there isn't a standard amount that I can tell you that Glover Maintenance charges, but I can tell you it is more reasonable than I ever imagined and fully plan on having them help me out more. Glover Maintenance also provides:

  • Plumbing
  • Heating
  • Air Conditioning
  • House Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Landscaping
  • Commercial Snow Removal
I felt really comfortable with everybody that was sent to my home and I can't wait to have them come out again! 

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