Monday, April 28, 2014

6 Ways to Pamper Mom for Mother's Day with Britney from The Princess and Her Cowboys

Today I am thrilled to have Britney from The Princess and Her Cowboys to share some fantastic Mother's Day ideas with you. I love Britney's blog especially her DIY Chef Hats and her cute Magnet Photo Board. Be sure to leave her some comment love and check out her blog! 

Hi! I'm Britney from The Princess & Her Cowboys where I love to share about all things crafty, food as well as writing about anything under the sun. I'm so grateful to Debra for letting me share here today!
Since Mother's Day is coming up, I have been trying to think of ideas to get for my own mother as well as the hints I need to start dropping for my husband. And since moms have a lot going on and don't usually get a whole lot of time to themselves, I figured why not share some ideas on how to pamper your mom this year?
This is a great idea and I love the bottles that she put it in! Now all she needs is a good book and dad to hang out with the kids!
This is one of my favorite ideas because you can customize it to the person. Nothing like a little pampering through a lot of little things!
pedicure kit
There are few things more relaxing than a pedicure but if your mom can't get out to get one all of the time, this is a great gift to have all of the tools in one place.
After lifting and twisting and doing whatever it is that mom is doing all day, she is probably in need of so relaxing in her shoulders.
So she can have smooth skin.
Better Than Anything Cupcakes
Pampering should always include some kind of goodie! Make her these delicious cupcakes with any of these activities and she will definitely feel pampered!

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