Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Review: 5 Star BBQ and Catering Co

5 Star BBQ and Catering Co is known in our house as the Mac N' Cheese I won't stop talking about. This unassuming is in a little white house on Geneva in Orem, UT, serving up all sorts of BBQ including ribs, brisket, smoked sausages and all of the delicious sides to go with them. 
You can order everything individually or get a platter to taste a little bit of everything. I got a platter so I wouldn't miss out on any of the different flavors.
 Out of all the sliced meats, the brisket was my favorite, with the ribs taking the overall meat prize, but what I really loved was all the different choices of sauce to customize your BBQ experience to your own tastes. There is an entire little fridge full of different sauces for you to try out. I loved the mac n' cheese and the coleslaw was really delicious. Probably some of my favorite coleslaw I have ever tasted.
 5 Star BBQ really has a comfortable backyard feeling.
As of now, they are officially open for weeknight dinner, so you can get your BBQ fix any night of the week now. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter, as well as at their restaurant location: 

Five Star BBQ & Catering Co.
70 North Geneva Road
Orem, Utah 84057
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Becky @ Utah Sweet Savings said...

I'm totally drooling!!! Looks like I need to go on a little drive...

marissa | Rae Gun Ramblings said...

oh yay I love finding new places to try. Pinning for next time I'm down your way!