Friday, June 13, 2014

11 Wreaths for the 4th of July

I love decorating for the 4th of July. My decorations are minimal and easy to pull out and put away and there is something so festive about red, white and blue. Here are 11 patriotic wreaths to get you in the mood for all things 4th of July! 
 4th of July Wreath by Stubbornly Crafty.
 Patriotic Ribbon Wreath by Wait Till Your Father Gets Home.
 American Pinwheel Wreath by Housewife Eclectic.
 4th of July Wreath by Naptime Crafting.
 Patriotic Wreath by Priscilla.
 Patriotic Wreath by That Cute Little Cake.
 Red Hots and Blue 4th of July Rocket Wreath by Tatertos and Jello.
 Ruffletastic 4th of July Wreath by Miss Lovie.
4th of July Wreath by Diary of a Brown Eyed Girl
Felt Star Spangled Wreath by Housewife Eclectic.

Easy Bandanna Wreath by Girl in the Garage.
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P Bishop said...

Wow! I would love to have any of these wreaths hanging on my door. If I had to choose a fav. I would choose Stubbornly Crafty's. All did a super job!! Love this!

Stephen said...

Very cool wreaths

Janelle Shank said...

how cool are these! it's going to be a low-key holiday this year, but I want to try one of these.

Masshole Mommy said...

Those are all so cute. I would love to get a couple to hang on both of my doors!

Felicia Franceschelli said...

Wow these are all so creative and patriotic!! I love them all and wish I could make something like this for my front door!

Sandra Shaffer said...

These are all so festive! Sets the mood immediately when you see a pretty wreath displayed!

Mama to 5 said...

These are all really nice,what a great way to show your patriotism!

mail4rosey said...

These wreaths are great for 4th of the July decorating that lasts longer than the picnic!! I like wreaths too because they can get used for many years.

Joanna Sormunen said...

Amazing wreaths! I'm sure everyone can find a favorite for them here!

Debi@The Spring Mount 6 Pack said...

These are so cute. I need to make a wreath

Krystal Butherus said...

Some of these look really awesome! Thanks for the round up!