Monday, June 9, 2014

Elsa and Anna Frozen Hair Bows

I am a contributor for The Ribbon Retreat, this tutorial originally appeared on their blog.

If the little girls in your life are anything like mine, then Frozen is not just a movie, it's an obsession. My 5-year-old tells everyone that she is Elsa and has "ice powers." The entire family has the soundtrack memorized and my daughter has even gone so far as to assign singing parts to each person when we are listening to it together. 

With a Frozen love like that, I knew she would absolutely love to have bows she could wear to show off her obsession. These bows are actually pretty simple to make, they just require a little patience, and in my case, a hot glue burn or two. 

For Elsa you will need:
  • Solid 3/8 grosgrain ribbon in ocean blue
  • Solid 3/8 grosgrain ribbon in light ivory
  • Solid 3/8 grosgrain ribbon in white
  • 3/8 sheer satin in light blue
For Anna you will need:
  • Solid 3/8 grosgrain ribbon in royal blue
  • Solid 3/8 grosgrain ribbon in raspberry rose
  • Solid 3/8 grosgrain ribbon in light ivory
  • Solid 3/8 grosgrain ribbon in rust
For both you will need:
  • Scissors
  • Fray check
  • Hot glue
  • Hair clips
  • Silly Grips to make clips "no slip" 
  • Small rhinestones

Both bows start out the same: by looping the light blue ribbon for Elsa (or the royal blue ribbon for Anna) around in two inch lengths. One side will have full loops, the other will be squished together. Hot glue the squished end.

Using the sheer for Elsa (or the pink for Anna) make two more loops on either side of the first color. Secure with hot glue at the pinched end.

You will use the light ivory as the head for both Anna and Elsa. Using a marker as a guide, wrap a piece of light ivory around the marker and glue the loop together. Leave about an inch tail below the loop to allow yourself room to glue the head to the body.

Attach the heads to the bodies of each bow by gluing the tail piece of the head to the back of the body.

Using white for Elsa, and the rust for Anna, glue a small loop of ribbon to the top of the head. Make sure to only glue the bow on the inside of the head loop, as you will need to slide ribbon through the hair loop on top of the head. 

The hair is where the bows differ from each other. For Elsa, you will need three strips of white ribbon to make her braid. I hot glued each piece before cutting it from the spool, so I made sure I had the right length. 

Slide the first piece of ribbon under the white loop on top of her head and hot glue to the bottom. Pull the ribbon over top of her head and bring it down all the way to the bottom of the bow, then trim. Repeat twice more. 

The last ribbon will be the most difficult to hot glue under the loop, so make sure you are only gluing to one side so this last piece has somewhere to go. After you have all thread pieces, simply braid them and then glue the bottom of the braid. 

For Anna, you will need two pieces of rust-colored ribbon. I cut about four inches of ribbon for each piece and then trimmed them after they were twisted together. Slide both pieces together under the loop on top of Anna's head and glue them to the loop. Slice each ribbon in half lengthwise. Fray check the entire length of the cut. Twist the cut piece together to resemble braids on each side and glue the braids to the front of her dress so they hang right.

Finish each bow with a rhinestone in front. Add a Silly Grip to each clip to make it no slip and cover the clips with the ribbon that matches the dress of whichever character you are making.

Hot glue the "dolls" to the clips and you have an adorable Frozen clip any girl would love to wear. My only problem is trying to get my daughter to only wear one at a time!

Who would you make your Frozen bow for?
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