Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Frozen Elsa Gloves

 Elsa fever doesn't seem to be dying down any time soon, at least in our house anyway. One of the first things my daughter started asking for after seeing Frozen was Elsa gloves. Not the gloves she wears at the coronation, but white gloves like she wears when she is a little girl. We have looked every where for white Elsa gloves but we came to the conclusion if we wanted white gloves we were going to have to make them. When I found these gloves for .99 cents at Tag's, my local thrift store, I was thrilled. These gloves came together in about 20 minutes and she absolutely loves them.

You will need:

  • white gloves
  • blue heat transfer
  • a cutting machine or the patience to trace and cut
  • iron

First thing you need to do is prewash your gloves. I do this for any of my heat transfer projects and it is especially important if you bought them at the thrift store. Search online for Elsa glove designs, I found so many to choose from. Pick one you like and trace it in your design software or on a piece of paper. Cut out the design from blue heat transfer. Since this design is the same frontwards or backwards, there is no need to flip it. 
 Put your heat transfer on top of your gloves, make sure your gloves are facing the right way when you iron them on, so you don't end up with designs on the palms instead of backs of the hands.
Iron the design onto glove, for about 30 seconds, pull the plastic carrier sheet off, if any part of the design comes up, iron that part again with the carrier sheet for an additional 30 seconds. The gloves are ready to wear the second you are sure the vinyl is down, which for us meant they were on my daughter's hands about a minute later.  Do you have a little Elsa fan in your house? 
Earlier in the post, I mentioned Tag's Thrift Store, Tag's is a Utah local thrift store that is opening in Utah County this weekend and I just have to say that I am passionate about their main cause, which is working with Feed the World. They go into countries and teach small farmers how to provide themselves. They teach them how to feed their children and make sure they aren't going hungry. I love this program and everything it stands for. If you get the chance to look into their new store or Feed the World, do it.

My favorite thing about #TagsThrift? If you want to donate, but you would rather donate to another cause, they will gladly send what you would have made off your donation to another charity. We will be back often, just because I love their approach to charity so much.
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