Monday, September 22, 2014

Healthy Lunches- Tinkerbell Lunch

The goal of today's lunch was to be as fresh as possible, without losing the fun factor that helps my daughter eat all of her lunch. When I am matching up fresh and fun to a Disney character, I think Tinkerbell, so she was my jumping point. I included fresh fruit and veggies, with a twist to help them get eaten.

You will need:

  • peanut butter and jelly or other sandwich
  • flower cookie cutter
  • oranges
  • green pepper slices
  • grape or cherry tomatoes
  • string cheese 
  • tooth picks

There are few things my 5-year-old loves more than baby kebabs. You add a couple of things to a toothpick and suddenly it becomes way more delicious. I used this to my advantage in my cute tomato and cheese toadstools. I cut the tomatoes in half to make them look more like toadstool and put extra pieces of cheese on the tomatoes to give them little spots.

The green bell pepper and oranges I left simply sliced for munching, I usually include some Greek yogurt for dipping and to encourage eating her veggies. The sandwich was simple, all I did was use a cookie cutter to cut it into a large flower shape.

This lunch is one of my favorites because it took very little prep work, but she still ate it as well as any of the others.

Remember to head over to Intermountain Healthcare's LiVe Well Facebook page to enter to win your own Lunch Blox between now and the end of September. Check back tomorrow for another healthy princess lunch!

How do you get your picky eater to eat their lunch?
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