Monday, October 20, 2014

Princess Peach Mario Kart Costume

The costume in this post came from BuyCostumes
My daughter is always really specific with her costume choices. When she dresses up from movies, she dresses like the character from this specific scene and the accessories have to be just right. When she asked for a Princess Peach dress, I wasn't too surprised when she started asking for a Mario Kart car right after. She didn't just want to be Peach, she wanted to be Mario Kart Peach. Luckily it was an easy costume to pull together. 

You will need:
  • Cardboard Box
  • Knife or Scissors
  • Pink, Yellow and White Construction Paper
  • Marker 
  • Peach Costume 

 Cut the bottom flaps and front top flap off your car. This is will give your child a place for their legs to go. I leave the top flaps besides the front flap to give her a place to hold on to and to give the box some more stability. Cover the box in the construction paper color of your choice. In this case, pink for Peach. Add construction paper headlights and the M for Mario Kart and you have a little pink car.
 She has LOVED this costume. She drives the Mario Kart car around the kitchen even when she isn't in costume and has personalized it with some stickers.
 The Peach Costume is absolutely perfect. It really looks like Peach's dress and it even has a petticoat skirt to give the dress more fullness. We ordered a size bigger than we needed, to have room to grow into, but also because my daughter wanted the dress to come all the way to the floor instead of midcalf like it does in pictures. The crown came attached to a clear headband, so she could wear it in her hair like Peach does without having to secure it with an ugly chin strap or bobby pins. It has been hard to get her to take the dress off, she loves it so much.
What are your kids dressing up like this year? 
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