Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Easy Katniss Shirt and Baby Hunger Games Pictures

If there is one thing that Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings and I love to do, it is to photograph our babies dressed up in cute costumes. We have down Harry Potter, Frozen and now we bring you The Hunger Games. I have to say, this is one of my favorites. I loved making these easy and fun Katniss shirt for my little one, I think I need to make one in my size! Scroll down passed the shirt instructions to see more images from the baby shoot! 

You will need
  • A black shirt
  • Gold Glitter Heat Transfer, I used the Cricut brand found here
  • a cutting machine (I used a Cricut Explore, but any machine or even an x acto knife would work)
  • Mockingjay Silhouette 

 If you are using a machine, start a new project in your design software. Pull the Mockingjay Silhouette image into your software and trace. Add the number 12 to your design in a chunky font. For my baby, who is six months old the 12s were about 1 inch high, and the Mockingjay was about 2 inches tall.

Glitter vinyl is thicker than normal vinyl, so make sure you up the depth on your machine before you cut. On the Cricut Explore I turned the dial to the highest iron-on setting and it did the trick. Make sure to mirror (flip) all of your images before you cut iron on.
Weed out the negative image, leaving you with the Mockingjay and the number 12. Preheat your iron to its highest setting. Place the 12s on the sleeves and the Mockingjay off to one side on the shirt. Iron each piece onto the shirt for about 30 seconds. Peel up the plastic, if any part of the design comes up with the plastic iron the entire piece for another 30 seconds.
 Add some black pants and a dollar store bow and you have one darling little Katniss. When Marissa said she wanted our next photo shoot to be Hunger Games themed, I assumed we would be photographing a baby Katniss and Peeta, which we did eventually, but first we had to capture some pictures of Katniss with the pig from the first movie. Isn't he a cute little piggy?
For the baby pictures this time around we did several different set ups. We did Katniss and the Pig and then Katniss and Peeta with weapons. Make sure if you do a similar shoot that you only use good quality play weapons that have very blunt edges. We used the weapons that Marissa's husband uses in his music shows and they were perfect, foam and hollow plastic. They gave the right look of the games while being very safe.

This last picture just melts my heart. Baby Peeta knew that Baby Katniss needed some bread. How could she not love the boy with the bread? For this picture we literally handed them a loaf of bread and just let them play.
As always with baby pictures, make sure you watch them closely and always stay within arms's length.
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