Monday, November 3, 2014

Littlest Pet Shop Party

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We have always loved Littlest Pet Shop Pets in our house. My daughter loves carrying a few around her pocket and introducing them to people when we are out and about. I love the stories she creates for each animal and how the possibilities for imaginative play are endless. When we decided to throw a Littlest Pet Shop Party for my 5-year-old and her friends, she was so excited to share one of her favorite toys with them. The party turned out darling and was actually fairly easy to pull together. 
 The first stop in our Littlest Pet Shop party was the adopt-a-pet station. Each child picked their favorite little pet and named them. Each child had an origami box to color and personalize for their little pet. Some of them colored them to match the little blankets I had cut for their pets out of fabric scraps. Each child was also able to pick some accessories to take home for their pet.

We used chalkboard labels and a chalk marker to help the kids label their pet bed with their pet's name. I don't know about your kids, but my daughter changes the names of her animals routinely and I wanted the kids to easily change the name on the beds if they felt like it later. 
 After picking out a pet and giving them a little home, the kids wandered over to the photo booth to take a picture with their pet. There were all sorts of animals masks to choose from and a little puppy house to take pictures in front of.
 The kids loved the photo booth and took turns wearing all of the different masks for pictures.

If the photo booth was the favorite part of the party for the kids, the food came in a close second. We didn't do a full lunch, more just snacks foods. The dog paw print cupcakes were easy to make and the kids loved the chocolate paws. 
When I see the snack table from the party, I smile. My 5-year-old was absolutely insistent it needed a flower arrangement in the middle and made this cute little arrangement from hair bows. 
The table featured puppy leashes, kitty snacks, kitty chow, bird worms and the cupcakes. I wanted their to be a healthy element to balance the leashes and works out so I added this little fruit hedge hog.
The kids loved the little toothpick size kabobs and actually ate ALL of the fruit from the hedge hog. 

We played ring toss and of course no animal themed party would be complete without kitten races, where everybody pushes little balls of yarn across the floor with their nose.
After games, the kids were excited to sit down and watch episodes from the new Littlest Pet Shop show and play with the new toys. While the toys do need some adult supervision to get them built correctly, we have absolutely loved them. They have so many opportunities for customization, The come with little Deco Bits that the kids can add to each set to make each set truly unique. My daughter loved that you can stack the rooms to create a tall apartment style building or leave them all of the ground to have a longer street to play with. I loved that the new toys leave so much up to individual kids instead of structuring each element of play.
My daughter seriously had such a blast sharing one of her favorite toys with all of her friends and who doesn't love bringing home a new pet to love?

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