Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"Frozen" Lunch Ideas for a Frozen Party

Our house is still full of Elsa and Anna from morning until night and so this snowflake Elsa themed meal fits right in. My girls eat and breathe Disney. We are so excited to head to Disneyland next year and Frozen on Ice! If your child is anything like mine, quesadillas are on the very short list of things she will eat, so I wanted to incorporate them into lunches and our Frozen party what better way than by cutting one of the tortillas into a snowflake? 

You will need: 
  • two tortillas
  • cheese
  • spinach or lettuce
  • slice cheese
  • tomatoes, carrots or other salad veggies your kids will eat
  • bananas 
  • blueberry Greek yogurt 
  • small snowflake candies (optional) 

To cut your top tortilla into a snowflake, fold it in half again and again, until you have a triangle like below. Then use a pair of scissors to cut out fun shapes. Make sure you leave space between your shape cut outs or your snowflake will end up just being a mess. Use it for the top of your quesadilla. 
Using a small snowflake cookie cutter, cut small cheese snowflakes to be used on your salad. You can make a "salad" with pretty much any veggies your child will eat. Sometimes my salads are just tomatoes, carrots and cheese. Fill one cup with blueberry Greek yogurt and the other with fruit to dip in the yogurt. Fruit is always 10 times more likely to get eaten in my house if there is yogurt to dip it in. 

These are the perfect things to serve at your Frozen themed lunch party. I let the kids cut the tortillas into snowflakes themselves and they absolutely loved it! We served everything on Frozen Plates with Frozen napkins and purple utensils from Wholesale Party Supplies and I loved that they sent everything we needed for the party. Streamers, boil balloons and a huge Olaf balloon that the kids loved dancing with. The kids loved that everything was Frozen themed all the way down to the cups. They had a blast singing Let It Go and making beaded snow flakes. 

I will be buying my party supplies from Wholesale Party Supplies from now on. I had to worry about so little with the party, even the candles for the cake came in the box. The kids loved every minute of the party. The magic of Elsa was in the air! 

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