Friday, February 6, 2015

7 Awesome Uses For Glasses Cases

 I have been wearing glasses since I was in elementary school and even though I only get a new pair every couple years, I have ended up with a ton of glasses cases over the years. It seems like such a shame to waste something that is perfect for organizing and throwing into your purse, so I have come up with some great alternative uses for those cases you have laying around.
 1. Manicure Case. I have been obsessed with little manicure sets for as long as I remember. The problem with them is that usually the tools inside them are junk. Use a glasses case to make your own set. You can use your favorite brand of tools and have them easy access in your purse whenever you  need them.
 2. First Aid Kit- A glasses case makes a perfect first aid kit because they close tightly and keep the contents from spilling all over your purse. Use the case to hold first aid ointment, bandages and medicine without worrying it is going to go all over.
 3. Makeup brushes- Won't lie, I have been guilty of just throwing my makeup brushes in my dirty makeup bag. A glasses case is small enough to throw into your makeup bag, but will still keep your brushes cleaner than throwing them straight in.
 4. I love keeping my headphones in my purse, but I hate how tangled they are when I pull them out. Use a case to keep your headphones and chargers neat and easily accessible.
 5. A Beauty Touch Up Kit- I can't tell you how many times I have been out and about and wished I had an extra bobby pin or hair tie. This little kit keeps all those things at your fingertips.
 6. Small Sewing Kit. This little kit would be perfect to keep in your desk at work for those unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions.
7. Kids Kit. How many times have you found yourself waiting at the doctor and wished you had something to occupy your kids? Usually I end up losing my phone to my 6-year-old, which I hate. I always get it back with a messy screen and 200 extra photos of people in the waiting room. I love the idea of this little kit. Small enough to keep in your purse, but still contains things to keep the occupied. This one has crayons, a small pad of paper, a car, bouncy ball and Lego mini figures.
Of course, you can also use them for their intended purpose, to protect your glasses.

Do you use your cases for anything other than holding glasses?
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