Wednesday, March 4, 2015

18 Leprechaun Trap Ideas

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner and what is a better way to celebrate it with your children than trapping a leprechaun? Check out these 18 fabulous traps. 
Leprechaun Trap Cake by Not Martha.
 Simple Leprechaun Trap.
 Leprechaun Trap on The Fickle Pickle.
 Leprechaun Trap by A Blonde and Three Boys.
 Leprechaun Trap on
 Leprechaun Trap on Kruses Doing Their Personal Best.
 Leprechaun Trap by Creekside Learning.

 Lego Leprechaun Traps by Brain Power Boy.
 Leprechaun Trap by Club Chica Circle.
 Jake's Leprechaun Trap on
 Cereal Box Leprechaun Trap by Crafts by Amanda.
 Leprechaun Trap on The Classroom Creative.
 Leprechaun Trap by Moms and Munchkins
 Leprechaun Inn on Molly Moo Crafts.
 Leprechaun Trap on Slow Family.
 Leprechaun Trap by DLTK.
 Leprechaun Motel by Sweet Metel Moments.
Leprechaun Present by Looking For My Car Keys.

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Masshole Mommy said...

Those are all cute. So much fun!

Crystal said...

Year after year, we try to catch ourselves a leprechaun and it just doesn't seem to work. I need to try some of these adorable ideas. I love the cereal box with the rainbow leading up to it.

Liz Mays said...

All these leprechaun trap variations are so inventive and fun. Kids would get a total kick out of them!

Patranila Jefferson said...

I've never even heard of a Leprechaun trap and to discover 18 variations! Mind blown!

MikiHope said...

Every one of those "traps" are simply adorable. Now--have you been able to catch a leprechaun-inquiring minds want to know.

Jamie Sanders said...

These are so cute, I've never seen them before!

Stacey- Travel Blogger said...

These are all adorable. I especially like the cake!

Felissa @ Two Little Cavaliers said...

I like the lego one! I bet kids love it too!

Kandi said...

These are such fun ideas! Our kindergarten class does something with leprechauns I will share this with the teachers.

Caitlin Fore said...

Well these are super cute adorable ideas! I really like the rainbow cupcakes! I feel like I could totally make those!

bxcrochet said...

Those are all such cute ideas. I love the one with the legos.

Michelle F.

mail4rosey said...

I think these traps are such fun ideas. I bet my son would get a big kick out of one of them here too!

Katrina Gehman said...

those are such great ideas!!! I'm loving this and will have to try this.