Monday, April 6, 2015

Save Dobby Lost Sock Jar

If laundry in your house is anything like laundry in mine, you have lost socks floating all over the place. I have always had this sock jar where I put socks while they wait for their match to come through the wash. It has worked really well for our family, but it is a little plain. It is no secret that I absolutely love Harry Potter and since Dobby and socks go so well together, I used that theme to geek out a little in my laundry room. Scroll to the bottom of the tutorial to read about how all free clear made a huge impact on my daughter's severe eczema.
If your jar has a knob on it, like mine, remove it before spray painting. This will help you get a neater finish on the whole project. Spray paint the lid with a nice gold spray paint.
Using a black matte finish vinyl, cut the words Save Dobby, you can using a cutting machine or print the words on paper and trace them onto the vinyl. . I found a fantastic Harry Potter type font on Da Font here.
Weed the words and use transfer tape to apply the words to the jar lid. If you use the same font that I did, you will notice that the Y seems really far away because they are measuring the distance from the bottom of the Y instead of the top. To fix this I didn't apply the Y in Dobby with the rest of the word and applied it where I wanted it instead.
I love this little tribute to Harry Potter in my laundry room, it makes laundry a little bit more enjoyable.
I don't know what you use for laundry in your house, but I absolutely love all free clear products. We have been using them for years in our house. My oldest daughter has severe eczema, when I say severe, I mean REALLY severe, some of the worst her doctor has ever seen. We have tried everything to try and help her skin and switching to all free clear  products has hands down made the biggest difference. You can read more about what I have done to help her skin, including my long standing love for all free clear  here and here.

When I first started using all free clear , I would wash just her clothes in the detergent, but everything else in another brand. It hardly made any difference, I found out that she was still being exposed to the chemicals in our family detergent by touching our clothes, towels and sheets. I switch to using all free clear for the whole family and I was surprised at the difference in made in her skin. Think about it, you wear your clothes on your skin all day long, do you really want all the chemicals in other laundry detergents by your skin that long?

all free clear  comes in multiple forms, but I love the concentrated packs because it makes laundry so easy. I have been using a different brand of free and clear dryer sheets but all free clear just came with their own and I am thrilled. Of all the products in my house, this is the one I am most brand loyal to. As always with any laundry detergent, keep out of reach of children.

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