Thursday, May 21, 2015

Silly Face Magnet Board

One of the biggest hits of the travel basket I put together for our long road trip, was the silly faces board. My daughter loved dressing up the faces with mustaches, google eyes and most of all drawing of the faces with a dry erase markers. I printed a bunch of different 5x7s, pretty much anybody that I had close head shots of, so she had pictures of her parents, grandparents and some of her aunts and  uncles to play around with. She loved having the variety of people. If you don't already have a stash of pictures, just take a close up picture of each person you want to include and print a 5x7.

You will need: 

  • 5x7 Straight On Head Shots of Family Members
  • A Way to Laminate
  • Mustache Stickers
  • Google Eye
  • Other Stickers, Construction Paper or Dry Erase Markers
  • Magnet Tape
  • Magnet
  • Cookie Sheet to use as a magnet board 

 After you print your 5x7s, make sure to laminate each picture. I have an at home laminator and I absolutely love it! It made the whole travel basket a breeze to make. This is the one I have. Have each picture laminated will prevent finger prints all over the pictures and also will allow your kids to draw on the picture with dry erase markers. After each picture is laminated, add several strips of magnetic tape to the back of each one to hold them on the board.

Add magnets to the back of google eyes and mustaches. For the mustaches, I found a bunch of mustache stickers, stuck them on a piece of thin cardboard and then cut them out and added magnet to the back of the cardboard. I also added pipe cleaners, pop poms and piece of construction paper so she could dress each person up even more.
I store all of the pieces, including dry erase markers in a binder pouch in my travel basket of games. You can find my other play mats here including a free printable car map, ocean play mat and farm play mat.

How do you keep your kids busy on road trips?
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