Tuesday, June 30, 2015

DIY Minion Cereal Bowl

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When I was a kid I remember racing down the stairs to be the first one in the kitchen. If you were the first one to open a new box of cereal, you got to be the one to dig for the prize. Since this was before cereal companies starting putting the toy outside of the actual bag of cereal, a lot of cereal dumping went on in my house. It got to the point where my mom would hide boxes of cereal until she could help us dump them because we wasted a lot of cereal.

Oh how I miss the toys in the boxes. I am so glad the toys are back in the form of Minions on select General Mills cereal boxes, because every kid needs to experience finding the prize in a box of cereal. Luckily, they put the toy in the box, but not in the bag of cereal, so they are really easy to find now!

If you are going to be rummaging through a cereal box to find a Minion toy, then you are going to need a Minion bowl to eat that cereal with! I don't know about your kids, but mine are obsessed with Minions. Minion was one of my baby's first words, and with good reason: those little yellow guys are awesome! The only thing better than finding a new Minion toy in the cereal is a Minion bowl to go with it.

This bowl is so easy to make and since it uses simple shapes, it is easy to make with or without a cutting machine.

You will need:

  • black permanent vinyl
  • white permanent vinyl
  • silver permanent vinyl 
  • a yellow bowl
Make sure you are using permanent vinyl as it will hold up much better over time and washing.

These are the measurements for a small child's bowl. You can adjust them for any bowl you want. 

You will need to cut a long black strip that is .5 inches tall and about 8 inches long. This isn't long enough to go all the way around. If you want yours to go all the way around, add on some inches. Cut a silver circle that has a 1.5 inch diameter, a white circle with a 1.25 inch diameter and a black circle with a .75 inch diameter.

For a project like this, that just has simple shapes, I don't even use transfer tape. Just weed off the excess vinyl and then peel your long black strip off the paper. Place it in the center of the bowl and wrap about, smoothing out bubbles as you go.

 Add your large silver circle to your black line, smoothing out as you go.

Add the white circle on top of the silver circle.

Add the black circle to the center of the white circle and smooth it out.

You now have the perfect bowl to enjoy your cereal and toys with. Make sure to hand wash the bowl, as vinyl typically isn't meant to withstand the high heat of the dishwasher.

My girls were so excited to find their Minions inside their boxes of cereal that I bought them each their own box. They couldn't wait to get them out to play with and they LOVE that they have strings on them. They have been wearing them as bracelets for days.

You can find the Minion toys in specially marked boxes of General Mills cereal at Walmart, including Trix, Honey Nut Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms, Reese's Puffs, Cocoa Puffs and Golden Grahams. You can collect seven in all.

Both of my girls found the Vampire Minion in their boxes, and I know we will be buying more boxes to collect all 7. We love Minions!

Are you excited for The Minion Movie?
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