Thursday, June 18, 2015

Easy No-Sew Jedi Costume

Do you ever feel like you are living in a copy of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie?" I do. All the time, except this time the title was, "If you give your daughter Star Wars Cereal." Basically she is going to need a light saber to go with it. If you give her a light saber, she is going to need a Jedi costume. If you make her a Jedi costume, she is going to want to play Star Wars. If you let her play Star Wars, she is going to get hungry and need some Star Wars Cereal. Lucky for me, a Jedi costume is REALLY easy to pull together and I had all the stuff on hand. 

The cereal that started it all. ;)

You will need: 
  • A long piece of tan knit fabric, Measure from your child's shoulder to their knee and then double it. and add a couple of inches. That is how long your fabric needs to be. I just let my robe be the natural width of the fabric. 
  • Scissors

 Cut the extra couple inches off the end of your fabric, this will end up being the belt for the tunic. Set it aside. Fold the fabric in half.
 Cut a small triangle out of the fold. Start with a small triangle and go bigger if you have to. Knit stretches like crazy and so a small triangle will be more than enough.
 Pull the fabric over your child's head and use the couple of inches of fabric to belt it at the waist. If you child has long hair, pull all of their hair up and leave a section down and braid it. If they have short hair, you can always buy a strand of fake hair at the craft store and attach it to a clip for a easy braid.

Do you love Star Wars as much as we do? Then you will be thrilled to know that starting right now you can collect these limited edition Star Wars cereal boxes. The boxes will change over time and will come out in pairs, one featuring a "light character" and one featuring a "dark character." Right  now you can find Darth Vader and Yoda at grocery stores across the country.  My daughter's favorite part of the new boxes are the Star War trivia and games on the back! 
The Star Wars cereal features marshmallows in the shape of
 • Yoda (green)
• R2-D2 (blue and white)
• Jedi Fighter (pink/red)
• Stormtrooper (white)
• Lightsaber (blue)
• Lightsaber (red)

and corn piece in the shape of
• TIE Fighter
• X-Wing Starfighter
• Millenium Falcon

We love that not only are the marshmallows shaped but the corn pieces too! Try Star Wars cereal for yourself by downloading this $1 off coupon
So which side are you on? The light or the dark?

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