Monday, June 8, 2015

Easy Travel Checkers with Printable Game Board

Over the last little while, I have been teaching my 6-year-old to play checkers. She loves to play games with me and I knew it was something that could keep her occupied for long periods of time on our road trip, I just needed a way for us to be able to pass the game board back and forth between the front and back seats. I picked up a small checkers set from the dollar store, thinking I could just add magnets to the back of the game board, but it was WAY too big for the cookie sheet, so I created my own that is big enough for the game piece but small enough for a dollar store cookie sheet. 

For your Travel Checkers You will Need: 

  • A set of checkers from the dollar store
  • button size magnets
  • hot glue
  • the printable checkerboard found at the end of the post
  • a way to laminate 
  • a binder pouch to keep the checkers in 
  • a dollar store cookie sheet
 As with all of the other posts in our Travel with Kids series, this game is designed to be played on a dollar store cookie sheet. I spray painted mine turquoise and added glitter, but it isn't necessary. Print the checkerboard on cardstock and then laminate for extra durability. I laminate everything at home with this laminator and I absolutely love it! So easy.

Hot glue a magnet on the king side of each of the checker pieces. The magnets should be strong enough to let you flip them over magnet side up if you need a king piece.
I store all of the pieces, including dry erase markers in a binder pouch in my travel basket of games. You can find my other play mats here including a free printable car mapocean play matfarm play mat and silly face mustache board

How do you keep your kids busy without electronics on road trips?

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Printable Travel Checker Board

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Masshole Mommy said...

What a cute idea. Fun way to keep the kids busy!

Scott said...

Very creative! You can also print the board on adhesive paper and stick it to a metal sheet (hot plate, etc) and the magnets will stick to that!

Jeannette said...

WOW this is a great idea! I am always trying to find ways to invent fun on a road trip! I am trying to keep my kiddo from using the video games all the time. I Might try this!

Eva at Kid Minds said...

I haven't introduced my kids to checkers yet, but I think it is a wonderful idea! We will try it now!

Heather Jones said...

I have to totally admit, I don't keep them entertained without electronics. I fully engage in all things electronic on the road because I don't want to hear the screaming. But I do think this is a fun game for kids and I have a six year old so I'm sure he's ready to teach checkers too now as well.

alexandria waning said...

thats a cute idea. i do not know how to play, but... i see cute magnets with the cookie sheet as a good traveling activity.

Savannah Pyron said...

This is such a cute idea! It could be used for checkers and beyond. I'll have to keep this idea handy when I have kiddos someday!

Crystal said...

Being able to store it all away is a must with car games. I know my kiddos would adore playing checkers!

Liz Mays said...

I love a good game of checkers for sure. Having a printable one ready to grab is so smart!

Beth@FrugalFroggie said...

We have only been on one road trip when my oldest was 3 years old. He was so cute he kept us entertained.

Denea Duran said...

Such a cute idea! Im not sure when we will be able to take a road trip as a family but hopefully when we do I will have this handy! Thanks for sharing!

Maddi'sMommy said...

What a great idea! We take road trips between FL and MI and its hard to keep the preschooler entertained.