Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Disney Inspired Lunches and preparation for Back to School

 I can't believe that we are talking back to school already. Our summer has been filled with Summer Camp, BBQs, Swim Lessons and many days at the waterpark. As sad as I am to be thinking about school, I am excited too. Back to school is my favorite thing to shop and prep for. New crayons all sharpened in the box, a new backpack and a new lunch box. I get all nerdy excited about it. I actually have a box of unused school supplies in my closet because I can't seem to stop myself when it comes to new office supplies.

My daughter is going to be a 1st grader this year. It breaks my heart a little bit to know that she will be eating lunch without me every day, so I have compiled a list of fun Disney lunches that will make her smile when she upzip her lunch bag every day.

 Cinderella Lunch
 Princess Lunch by She Knows
 Finding Nemo by Creative Kids Snacks

Mike Wazowski Monster Apple by Mom Endeavors

 Tiara Shaped Pizzas by Pillsbury
 Frozen Lunch
 Mike Wazowski Quesadilla by Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons
Tinkerbell Lunch

Aside from gathering ideas for lunches, we have been preparing for school in other ways around here. Here are some things to do before heading back to school this fall:

Clean out your closet:
At back to school time every year, I go through my daughter's closet. I donate the clothes she doesn't wear anymore and do a thorough inventory of what she has, that way I know what she needs for the new year.

Buy new school supplies:
I buy new crayons, markers and glue sticks at the beginning of each year to keep at home in our homework station. That way my daughter has what she needs if she needs to finish a project at home. I would also check around online for some supplies checklists and buy what you think they will need early to avoid the crowds.

Set up a homework station:
One of the best things we ever did was have a designated place for homework. It made getting homework done on time way easier. A dedicated desk with all of their school supplies if you have room is perfect!

Readjust bedtimes:
I don't know about you, but I let my kids stay up later during the summer. We have to slowly readjust their bedtimes so that they are ready to get up early and go to bed early by the time the school year hits.

Get a haircut: When I am about to start something big, I love to get a haircut so I look my best. We took my daughter to get a haircut at Great Clips this last week and it was fantastic. You can now check in online before you go, so you get there when they are ready for you and you don't have to wait. It saved us so much time just to be able to walk in and sit down. Download the Great Clips App and then check wait times at nearby salons. Check in and show up when the app tells you to save time. Just make sure to tell them you checked in on the app when you get there.

With more than 3,800 salons throughout the United States and Canada, Great Clips is the world’s largest hair salon brand. Great Clips salons employ nearly 35,000 stylists who receive ongoing training to learn the Great Clips customer service system and advanced technical skills. Great Clips salon owners are independent business people who are connected to their community. Together with their team, customers and neighbors, they are dedicated to making a difference with a variety of Great Deeds® programs and volunteer activities, including Clips of Kindness℠.

What would you do with a few more minutes to get ready for back to school? 
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