Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Kids Road Trip Boredom Hacks

This last May, we went on our first long road trip in almost three years. I was nervous to take a 1-year-old and 6-year-old on such a long trip in the car, especially when we planned on driving all the way from Utah to California in one day, but it ended up being so much fun to be in the car together. I put together an awesome boredom basket for the kids to play with and it kept them entertained for hours. We hardly even needed the electronics we brought at all. Here is everything that was in the basket. 
 Printable Dino Play Mat.
 Travel Checkers with Free Printable.
 Magnetic Building Shapes.
 Printable ABC Matching Game.
 Printable Farm Play Mat.
 Printable Ocean Play Mat
 Reusable Sticker Playsets.
 Silly Face Magnet Board.
 Travel Snack Boxes
 Magnetic Building Sticks.
 Magnetic Puzzle for travel. 
 Magnetic Chalkboard for Travel. 
Travel Car Play Mat

The combination of these fun and creative activities really made our trip enjoyable. How do you keep your kids entertained while on the road?
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