Monday, July 6, 2015

Printable ABC Matching Game

Who says play can't be educational. This fun play mat is one that I brought with us on our latest road trip. It is really easy to pull together and there are lots of different ways to play with it! 

You will need: 

  • The printable found at the bottom of this post. 
  • A laminator and laminating Sheets, I use this one and love it! 
  • a binder pouch to keep the letters in
  • magnetic letters 
  • magnet tape for the back of the play mat
  • cookie sheet to play on (I bought mine at the dollar store)
Print and laminate your printable. That's it! This is probably the easiest of all my play mats. You can add some magnet tape to the back of the play mat to help it stay on the cookie sheet better.

You can use an old cookie sheet, but I found that the cookie sheets at the dollar store are the right size for a regular sheet of paper. I bought a dollar cookie sheet and then spray painted it turquoise, while the paint was still wet, I threw pink glitter on the cookie sheet. I actually painted this cookie sheet more than 4 years ago and it has held up really well!
The most obvious game to play with this play mat is letter matching, but you can also have them create words. I tell my daughter to spell cat and she has to find and match each letter for the word. I absolutely love it for improving reading and spelling. 

What activities do your kids bring on road trips?

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ABC Matching Game
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