Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Reusable Sticker Playsets

My kids absolutely love sticker play sets. They keep them busy for hours and so it seems like I am always buying them for our road trips. My kids are always sad when the stickers are all used up and they have to move on to something else. After heading out to buy more sticker playsets for our latest road trip, I decided to spend a little bit of time making them reusable than wasting more and more money on them. The kids loved them just as much and we can use them on our next trip now too! It takes a little bit of time to make them reusable but it is so worth it!

You will need: 

  • Sticker Playsets. (I found all of these at the dollar store) 
  • A laminator and laminating Sheets, I use this one and love it! 
  • a binder pouch to keep the letters in
  • cardstock
  • scissors
  • magnet tape
  • cookie sheet to play on (I bought mine at the dollar store)

I found these play sets in the craft aisle of the dollar store. They were perfect for this but you can also find the play sets at book stores and such. My daughters love the dress up doll sticker play sets so those are next on my list to make reusable. 

Stick each sticker to a piece of card stock. Cut around each individual sticker. Laminate the stickers and then cut out again. This is the part that takes the most time since you have to cut each thing out twice. I enlisted my husband to help and we watched a movie while we cut. We were able to get them all done during a movie. Add a piece of magnetic tape to the back of each laminated sticker. You can use regular magnets but I like magnetic tape because it lays so flat. 
 You can use an old cookie sheet, but I found that the cookie sheets at the dollar store are the right size for a regular sheet of paper. I bought a dollar cookie sheet and then spray painted it turquoise, while the paint was still wet, I covered it in pink glitter. This cookie sheet was a project from more than four years ago and it still looks great.

Using stickers that I got from the dollar store, I labeled each binder pouch for the individual play sets and then I put a big piece of packing tape over the labels so they wouldn't peel off.

What activities do your kids bring on road trips?
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Tiarra said...

You always have such lovely ideas for me to try with the kids I nanny! Thanks for sharing it makes for an entertained filled summer with the kiddos.

Lois Alter Mark said...

This is such a smart and practical idea! Wish I had read this when my kids were little!

bxcrochet said...

That is such a great idea! My daughter loves stickers and goes through a whole pack in one sitting. This would definitely save us money.

Michelle F.

alexandria waning said...

love these. my daughter has tons of reusable sticker sets. they really are a great activity.

Kristin and Megan said...

How cute are those? Perfect to keep le toddler busy on our upcoming road trip!

Living a Fit and Full Life said...

These are so cute! My kids would love them!

Stacey D said...

Very clever idea! I also love the way your store the pieces.

Cristy Mishkula said...

These are perfect for the kids to keep busy even on summer road trips!

kristi dominguez said...

These are SO FUN, Debra! I love that they are super affordable and easy to make!

Cathy Mini said...

I am loving the circus theme, too! Super fun for summer vacation--and I bet themed ones for other times of the year would be cute too (i.e. fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's, etc)

Donna M said...

Oh I love this!! My little one is totally obsessed with stickers, but she uses them once and then they are done and it just seems so wasteful! We have a couple of road trips coming up and I am sure this would go down a treat! Thanks for sharing

Ckrusch said...

I loved the circus theme, too! Super fun for a vacation--can't wait to check the other ones out!

Shelly said...

This is such a a great idea for the kids! What dollar store did you find these sticks at? My daughter would absolutely love something like this.