Wednesday, September 2, 2015

DIY Lego Head Storage Containers

We love Legos in our house. When I say love, I mean we are obsessed with them and they are all over our house. My husband loved Legos as a kid and every birthday and Christmas he would get Lego sets, he has quite the collection. Since his Legos are precious to him, and he only lets my daughter play with them when she is around, we have slowly been collecting new sets for her. She has Star Wars sets, Lego Friends Sets, regular ole' Legos and Disney Princess sets. It is the thing I love most about Legos, she can be or build anything she wants to be. 

Our Lego obsession means we have Legos coming out of our ears. I needed a way to store them. If you remember this quite Harry Potter craft awhile back, it gave me the idea for this craft. I always have these large laundry detergent containers left after a few months of laundry. Why not upcycle them into Lego heads for the Lego crazies in my life? 
You will need: 
  • a large container of some sort (cheese balls, laundry detergent)
  • yellow spray paint (buy the kind made for plastic)
  • black vinyl 

 Clean out and remove the labels from the containers. Spray paint the containers yellow, because plastic can be tricky to spray paint, I often let the containers dry overnight between coats, giving each container 2-3 coats. Make sure you spray paint the lid too.

After the container is dry, trace the Lego Face in your Design program, or print it out and trace it onto the back of vinyl and cut it out. It is a simple design, so it will be really easy to trace and cut out even if you don't have a cutter.

Weed out the excess vinyl. For this project, since the transfer tape can pull up the spray paint and because it is such a simple design, I apply the pieces on at a time to the Lego container, but if transfer tape is easier, go for it!
Store your Legos inside! I love having a cute Lego themed place to keep our Legos. Now if it only met I never had to step on another Lego I would be a happy mom. ;)

How do you store your Legos? 
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