Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Terracotta Dalek Statue

This little friend came from a conversation I had with my best friend. We are both crazy Whovians and when she saw a little garden statue on another blog, she remarked that it kind of looked like a Dalek. It that moment, my dream of having a Dalek Garden statue was born. A little bit of planning and painting later and now I want a whole fleet of them. I need them to exterminate the weeds in my backyard. ;) This cute little friend is perfect for the garden of the house and is really easy to make!

You will need:

  • Two Terracotta Pots (You can make whatever size you want, just make sure you smaller one fits nicely on top of your larger one) 
  • Two Small Wood Pots (If you are making a large Dalek, you can use small Terracotta ones, since I made a medium sized one, I need smaller pots which I found in the craft wood) 
  • White Paint
  • Blue Paint
  • Black Paint
  • Black Spray Paint
  • Dalek Body Paint (Red, Blue, Gold, White) 
  • A circle stencil 
  • Craft Wire
  • A Push Pin
  • Hot Glue
  • A Rubber Toy Popper like these
  • Clear Spray Paint

Paint your terracotta Pots the color you want your Dalek body to be. In my case, I chose red because in the two times I have had my baby cosplay a Dalek she was red both times. Allow the pots to dry completely in between coats. I had to do a couple of coats to get the look right. Take your and paint black circles in rows along the bottom pot. Paint the bottom lips of your pots black as well. 

On the smaller of the two pots, paint a bigger black circle in the middle of the pot. Allow the circle to dry completely and then paint a blue smaller circle inside of it. Paint your small wooden pots white and when everything is dry, hot glue them to the top of the pots, on either side of the small terracotta pot. Push the push pin through the back of the toy popper and hot glue it. Spray the push pin and popper together and then hot glue the pin to the large pot, right under where the smaller pot rests. 

Take two pieces of craft wire and bend them into ovals. Place one oval inside the other and then bend the ends up. Add hot glue to the ends and slide them between the two pots, by the toy popper and there you have it, a Dalek, whisk and all. ;) 

Who is your your favorite Doctor Who Villain? 

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