Monday, September 14, 2015

The Best Way to Organize Your Legos So You Can Build Your Sets Again

Up until a couple of weeks ago, we kept my daughter's Legos in these cute DIY Lego Containers. She loved them and it was working really well for us, until my husband asked her why she never builds her sets anymore. She told him that she had really tried, but with all of her Legos, she could never find all of the pieces to one set. She would eventually get frustrated and give up. My husband, the master builder, decided it was time for something new.
My husband, a Lego lover since childhood actually has his own set of Legos that the kids aren't allowed to play with unless he is supervising. I have watched in amazement when he is able to easily build castles, space ships and carriages 20 years after he was given the original sets. His secret? Organizing by color. It is a lot easier to find a Lego that you are looking for, if you are only looking in a portion of your Legos for it.
I found these drawers for the Legos and we started sorting. The ideal drawers are wide and shallow. They make for the easiest searching while giving you enough room for your Legos. We broke her Legos into 12 categories.  Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Pink, Black, Grey, White, Brown, Purple and Specials. Specials include anything that isn't a typical Lego such as minifigures, wheels, and little accessories for my daughter who has a lot of the animal sets it includes little things like dog bowls and carrots for her Lego rabbit and such.

We organized everything so that each category had its own drawer. It you wanted to take it a step further you can sort your brown from your tans and your dark green from your light green too.
My husband made the cute little printable here, and I cut each one out and then taped it to the front of the of the drawer using packing tape.
I have all of her set booklets in a basket on the top and it has worked fantastic! She loves that she can make her sets again. The number one question I get about this system is don't they all get mixed up again? It depends on the kid. This is a great solution for your older child who wants to build their sets and get creative, but it might not be a great solution for a young child who loves to dump boxes of toys!

How do you organize your Legos?

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