Friday, October 2, 2015

5 Minute Diaper Clutch

I stop carrying a dedicated diaper bag when my little ones are about a year old. It means back to my favorite cute purses and more freedom, but it also means digging around in my purse every time I need a diaper or wipes. My grandma bought me a diaper clutch with my first baby, but I stopped using it almost immediately, it was so snug on the diapers that it was a pain to get them in and out. I have always wanted another one and finally I decided to just make myself one. This one is the perfect size for me, but you can always trim it down it you want it a little more snug.
For this clutch you will need:

  • a placemat
  • wipes case and Huggies Little Movers Diapers
  • sewing machine and thread to match
  • small piece of velcro
  • a decorative button 
  • needle and thread

Place your wipes and diapers about an inch or so from the end on the inside of the placemat.
Fold the place mat up over the wipes and diapers. Measuring this way makes sure that everything you want to fit will. It should leave a couple inches at the top. Pin and then top stitch the sides together.
Fold the remaining flap over to create the clutch. Sew the Velcro on the side flap of the clutch.
Using a needle and thread, sew a button on the outside of the clutch for decoration and to hide where you sewed the Velcro piece on. Stuff with everything you need for you little one and you are good to go. This clutch is longer than it needs to be, which I love because I can tug a tube of diaper cream and some hand sanitizer inside as well, but you could always cut a couple inches off the side if you want it to fit a bit more snug.
This diaper clutch is perfect for carrying around everything I need for my little super hero. I can find everything I need quickly in my purse and I love that it is cute too!
This little miss keeps me on my toes all the time. She has been walking since her first birthday exactly (apparently she just needed to turn 1 to take those first steps), and she hasn't stopped since. She loves to be dressed up, her current favorite outfit is a cape and a lady bug mask.
Since she is always on the go, we love using Huggies Little Movers Diapers. They are comfortable for her and they don't leak no matter how much she jumps and dances to Taylor Swift. Huggies Little Mover Diapers have a dry liner that absorbs on contact, so she always feels dry, double grip strips so her diaper stays on even when she is climbing stairs and jumping on the couch and a contoured shape that fits my little one!
We have been using Huggies since she was born and I love that even more now that she is a mover. Every super baby needs to be able to save the world without worrying about their diaper. ;)
My easy and fast diaper clutch is the perfect way to keep track of my Huggies diapers on the go, so I have everything that my little super hero needs!
Who would you make a diaper clutch for?
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