Monday, October 26, 2015

Disney Gallery Wall

We are Disney fanatics in our house. Earlier this year we took our girls to Disneyland and absolutely had the time of our lives. They ask if we can go back almost every day. It is easily our favorite vacation we have ever had the opportunity to take.

When we came back from Disney, we had all of these pictures and pieces of memorabilia that I absolutely loved and didn't just want to toss in a scrapbook somewhere, so we created this fun Disney wall. 
 The best part of this wall is that you can make it as affordable as you want. The drawings from the Animator's Academy in California Adventure are free and they say Disney's California Adventure on them. We took our kids to the Animator's Academy and had each of us follow the instructions and draw the same Disney Character. In our case, it was the Cheshire Cat but they draw lots of different characters throughout the day, you can even ask for the schedule and pick the character you most want to draw. I bought cheap metal frames for these drawings and hung one from each family member on the wall.
 My husband and I had our painting done on the pier in California Adventure. It was so much fun and one of my favorite pieces of memorabilia. If you don't have a painting or sketch to hang, you can always print another photo from your trip.  In the center of the gallery wall is a print of Stitch that my husband bought for me at the art studio in California Adventure. We have a special fondness for Stitch in our house, so he is the perfect way to complete the wall. You could always hang another photo from your trip here as well.
 The top center piece is all of our Disney Silhouettes from over the years. These Silhouettes are easily one of Disney's most fun and most affordable souvenirs. A Disney Artist cuts your Silhouette out of black paper and then glues it to a piece of Disneyland paper. It costs about $10 a person and you get two. You can also choose to add your favorite Disney character to the Silhouette as well. You can read more about this in my Best Free or Cheap Disneyland Souvenirs post. The silhouette of my husband and I is from our honeymoon, the one of our oldest daughter is from the trip we took almost 7 years ago and the one of our youngest daughter is from this most recent trip.

The top right picture is our family picture with Mickey Mouse. It isn't necessarily my favorite photo from the trip, but how could I not use the picture with the Mouse himself?
This gallery wall hung in our bedroom in our old house and now hangs in our library. I makes me smile every time I see it. It is full of good memories and Disney happiness. 

Do you have any gallery walls in your house? 
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