Thursday, October 8, 2015

DIY Best Friend Pizza Necklace

Moving is hard. We are moving our family next week and my 6-year-old is terrified to leave her friends. To help Alleviate her fears, I told her we could buy Best Friend necklaces so she and her friends will feel close even though they are far apart. The problem? There aren't just two friends, which is how most friendship necklaces are made. They aren't even the Three Musketeers, together they are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I looked but found it almost impossible to find a friendship necklace with for pieces and since we joke they are the Ninja Turtles, why not stay true to form and create a fantastic pizza best friends necklace? 
 For the necklace you will need:

  • Clay in assorted colors, tan, yellow and red are the most important
  • something to roll out the clay with (I used a pen)
  • a plastic knife
  • a disposable straw
  • chains or cord for the necklaces
  • TMNT Costume to complete the look

 Take a small section of tan clay and work it with your fingers until soft. Roll it into a ball.
 Roll it out into a thin round piece. This will be your crust.
 My little helper rolling out the next layer, yes, she does have pipe cleaners in her hair. We are that kind of crazy. ;)
 Repeat the steps with the red, using slightly less clay. This will be the sauce layer. You do not want it to completely cover the crust.
 Repeat one more time with the cheese layer (yellow), you do not want it to cover the entire sauce layer.
 Slice your pizza into slices. You can make as many as you want. I sliced it into four pieces.
 Roll out a piece of red clay and using a straw, make little red circles to be the pepperoni.
 Feel free to add other toppings such as olives, mushrooms and bell peppers. My kid loves pepperoni pizza so that it what we stuck with.
 After your slices are done, take the straw and poke a hole through each piece for the cord. Bake the clay pizza according to the instructions on your clay. I baked mine at 225 for about 40 minutes. Thread the pizza slices and let your little Ninja turtles go nuts!
We are absolutely in love with this Ninja Turtle costume we found at Party City. It is the perfect amount of girly and kick butt. Almost every Halloween I find myself in the super hero section of the party store looking for my daughter's costume. She usually ends up with either a muscle suit or a tutu. We were both tickled pink to find this one. It is perfect. No extra skin, no extra frills, but a touch of girly here and there to come together for the perfect costume. She can save the world AND be who she is. Tomboy with a touch of glitter.
This is the third day in a row she has worn the costume from the second she got home. It is a keeper for sure!

Which Ninja Turtle would you be?
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