Monday, November 16, 2015

Hope is Stronger Than Fear- Hunger Games Party

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I can't believe it is here. This weekend we get to close a chapter on the Hunger Games and I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Katniss will embark on a dangerous journey from District 13, with Peeta, Gale and Finnick to attempt to assassinate President Snow. It is a journey that could liberate the citizen of Paneem from tyranny, but what will be the personal cost to Katniss? 
I have been amazed again and again at the Hunger Games movies. I always want the movies to turn out the way I see them in my head and for once a series has been able to do that. The Hunger Games movies have been breathtaking and fantastic. This year we wanted to hold a party to celebrate the last movie, which happened to coincide with my sister's 13th birthday, so it kind of turned into a party for her.
When I started party planning, my 6-year-old thought it was completely unfair that last year the baby got to dress up as Katniss and declared this year her turn. I was all too happy to oblige! At 6 she is still too young to enjoy the Hunger Games with me, but I am confident she is going to love both the books and the movies when she is older.
I have been considering a Hunger Games Ice Cream bar over the last few months and I decided to go for it. I can't lie, in my Hunger Games excitement, I may have gotten kind of pun-y, but you honestly can't tell me you would rather eat a Peanut Butter Cup than a Peeta Butter Cup, can you?
One of the fun things about this party, was that the ice cream puns branch across all four movies, which I thought was a fitting way to celebrate the last movie. On one side of the table we had deadly Nightlock Berries (raspberries), Peeta Butter Cups and Cornucopias (ice cream cones.)
Every Hunger Games party needs weapons (silverware) to eat Prim's Goat Cream (Ice Cream) with. You can top your Goat Cream with Tracker Jacker Venom (Caramel) or President Snow Topping (whipped cream.)
If you are feeling like your ice cream isn't sweet enough, add some Cinna-Mon sugar or some Kit Katniss pieces.
For the ultra sweet tooth we have Beetee's Wires (Pull n' Peel Licorice) Pan-M&Ms and Cap-itols (Bottle Caps.)
If you are looking to take your ice cream over the top, why not add a sprinkling of Effie's Trinkets?
I wasn't sure if I had gone over board, but listening to the girls giggle as they read all of the titles made it so much fun. They had a blast building their ice cream sundaes!
For party favors, I made little parachutes. I had originally intended to use white balloons with white parachutes, but my local party store was out of white balloons, so I went with colors that matched that party. Inside each parachute was a para cord survival bracelet, which seemed to fit a Hunger Games party perfectly! I only made favors for the kids that came and not the parents, next time I add the adults to the favor list, they all wanted a para cord bracelet too. 
I gave the girls the choice of several crafts to make at the party. They ended up each making a couple of things and had a great time. None of the crafts were super time intensive, so they were able to mingle, socialize and enjoy the movie on in the background. 
The canvas bags were made by ironing on a Mockingjay Freezer paper stencil to a bag and then spray over top of it with spray paint. When the bags were dried, we simply peeled the paper off and they had a cute bag to hold library books. 
I scoured thrift stores for extra copies of Mockingjay so that we could make these cute book marks. Each girl picked a page out of the book that she wanted to use and then we trimmed it and rounded the corners. I used my cutting machine to cut a bunch of Mockingjays out of black paper and we used Mod Podge to add them to the book marks. After punching a hole in the top and adding some ribbon, they were finished! 
This last craft was my favorite. We made a simple melted crayon canvas, using a blow dryer, and then we added the black Mockingjay in vinyl over top of it. I had to make one of these for myself I liked it so much!
I can't wait to see how The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, portrays the last half of the book. Watching this trailer, I just know that I am going to love it!  

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 will be in a theater near you this weekend, November 20th. Get your tickets now so you can be there on opening weekend with me!

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Meagan Aguayo said...

Love this party idea and the photos are great! I can't wait to watch the latest movie!

Erin Shebish said...

Ah, this is so awesome! I cannot wait to catch the latest movie!

Scraps said...

I just finally watched Mockingjay Part 1 last week and I'll admit I'm curious how it'll all end. (Never read the books.) I think you're ice cream bar was spot-on with the puns and adore all the little touches. All that's missing was maybe some cotton candy for Stanley Tucci's hair ;-) (See, I can't even remember his character's name)

Esther Freedman said...

I'm so excited for the new movie and this party makes me even more excited! Love the table and the bags!

Julie @ Girl on the Move said...

When I was a teacher, this was one of my favorite books to teach so I love this idea! And you've included such great details

Cynthia said...

Great party idea. I love all your details

Cathy Mini said...

What an adorable party!! We can't wait for the new movie to come out!! We're so excited!

Logan Cantrell said...

This is so cute! I love Hunger Games and am so excited to see the new movie!

Stacey D said...

I am really looking forward to the movie! Your snack names are really clever! I love Kit-Katniss and Beetee's wire!

Laura - Eye Candy Creative Studio said...

I love all of the creative names for the food - so much fun! And those crafts are perfect! Great party!

Ourfamilyworld said...

What a great hunger games party. I love the Effie Trinket set up. So cute

Kelly M. said...

What a fun party theme! I finally caught up in the series and just watched Part 1 last week. I can't wait to see the newest movie!!

Di said...

Oh gosh how fun! I can't wait to see the new movie!

Janet Krugel said...

I haven't gotten into the Hunger Games series, but this looks like a fun party!

Brandy M. said...

What a wonderful looking party! I love the cute names of all the goodies, they are so creative to fit with the theme.

Yona Williams said...

I love the movie-themed edibles that you had. I want to see the Mockingjay Part 2 movie...I've been watching all of the installments. At first, I was trying to read the books before watching the movies, but that didn't work out.

Susannah said...

Looks like such a fun party! I'm sure the girls totally enjoyed it! <3

CourtneyLynne said...

Omg what a fun party!!!! Love the entire setup!!!

Lexie Pyfrom said...

What a cute and fun idea!!! I really need to do more fun things like this!

Pam Lauren said...

What a great idea! I love the puns and the movies! My girls and I have read the books and can't wait to watch the last movie. Thanks for the great party plan!

Sherry Nappa said...

What a great party idea! Thanks for sharing with us at Merry Monday.