Thursday, December 17, 2015

Doctor Who Christmas Jar

Have you seen as many Christmas villages in a jar as I have this year? I think they are absolutely darling and I wanted to make a fun one with my daughter this year. It started out as a normal craft project, but like it normally does, the geek was too strong and took over. I present the Doctor Who Christmas Jar.
You will need:

 My 7-year-old had a blast making this with me. Dump in the snow, add the house and trees. Pull the pen part out of the pen and then unscrew the tube from the Tardis. Add the Tardis to your snow and it looks like The Doctor has just popped in for Christmas dinner. There are lots of other little Tardis options you could use, but this one is just the perfect size! Once the holiday is over, put your pen back together!
Have a Whovian Christmas!
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