Monday, December 7, 2015

The Ultimate Tween Holiday Gift Guide

Between my 7-year-old daughter, Sofie and my 12-year-old sister, Amy, sometimes I feel overwhelmed walking into a store trying to pick out clothes and presents for them for Christmas. Things have changed so much since I was a kid. I used to be embarrassed by a lot of my clothes, but there just weren't tons and tons of options. Now with stores like Justice who offer both store fronts and online shopping, you can get your tween just what they want no matter where you live. This Christmas I sat down with my favorite tween and my favorite almost tween to shop at Justice and discuss the things they love and want to see under the Christmas tree this year. We hit went both in the store and did some online shopping to find them the perfect gifts, but I will let them tell you. 
Sparkle Shirts and Tunics
Me: These shirts are so cute and the perfect length to wear with leggings.
A: This shirt is SOOOOO soft!
S: I love the glitter, just the perfect amount!
Me: I love how well made these shoes are. They wear really well and they love them.
A: My shoes are quilted looking and they are fantastic. So comfy!
S: I love the glitter fringe on my shoes. I knew that I would love them from the second I saw them. The best part? They look like they are tie shoes but the actually have a zipper!
Monogram Hats
Me: They both needed winter hats this year and these ones are warm and fuzzy. Bonus points that they love them.
A: I love the polka dots and the glittery A!
S: Pom Poms! This hat is my favorite.
Beanie Boos and Stuffed Animals
Me: What tween doesn't have an entire bed full of stuffed animals?
A: These are so adorable! I want them all.
S: We found a little white owl and I just couldn't leave him in the store!
Plaid Shirts
Me: I love these shirts, they wear really well and they cover all the important parts. I love that they come in just about every color, so you can customize it to each kid. 
Amy: These shirts are so comfortable. I love that mine has a little bling and S's has the hood, which she loves. 
S: I am all about that plaid about that plaid. No plain.

BFF Bracelets and Necklaces
Me: These are a sweet and fun gift for girls to give to their friends. I always loved them when I was a kid and they still love them now.
A: Even in Junior High, we still love BFF jewelry. Although, we like the sillier pieces now! Of course cookies and milk go together!
S: I don't get to see my school best friend for almost all of the school break. I like that I can give her a Best Friend bracelet and know we are still friends!
Lip Glosses, Anti-Bac and Nail Polish
Me: My girls seem to want to grow up so fast. I love stuffing their stockings with lip gloss, nail polish and anti bacterial gel because they feel grown up without taking away their innocence too soon.
A: The lip gloss rocks. Seriously. I love keeping it in my back pack for the middle of the day.
S: Ugg. My mom picked this photo? The koosh ball hand sanitizer was just so soft! My mom won't let me have lip gloss yet, but I love glow in the dark nail polish and these fun sanitizers!
Me: I love that they go with everything and they can wear them under or over things too.
A: I love the plain shirts. I can wear fun jewelry and leggings with them!
S: I love wearing just plain jeans!
Printed Leggings
Me: I am obsessed with printed leggings myself but I used to have such a hard time finding cute ones in girl sizes. I love these, Soft and durable.
A: I LOVE printed leggings. It can make a plain top super exciting!
S: Comfortable and cute pants?! Yes please!
Cute Athletic Wear
Me: Finally cute athletic wear! I love that they have options for gymnast, dancers, volleyball, cheer and more. I think it is a great way for girls to express themselves while wearing clothes they could actually practice in. 
S: I am a soccer girl through and through. I love LOVE my Soccer ball hoodie and leggings. I would wear them every day if I could, so comfy! 

Both of my favorite girls love their picks from Justice. Sofie seriously wants to wear her soccer outfit more than I can wash it and Amy is obsessed with the plaid. Right now through the new year you receive a style perk with every Justice purchase which offers $15 off a $40 purchase through the new year! You can also snap a picture of your tween's Christmas wish and post it to be entered into the Justice Wishes Sweepstakes to win prizes like the Ultimate Justice VIP Experience which includes a shopping spree and an iPad! 

And guess what?! Justice is having a 'Cyber Monday' redo sale with 50% off the ENTIRE site & free shipping starting 12/6 at 4pm ET and goes until 12/8 at 5am ET!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.
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Logan Cantrell said...

These are really great ideas! I remember shopping at a similar store when I was around that age and I loved it! Justice looks like it offers some great gift choices.

Author TP Keane said...

Lovely ideas. Tweens can be difficult to buy for. I'm wondering if you're going to do one for boys?

yanique said...

These are all great finds. I love that these gifts still speaks to the girls' innocence. So many clothing on the market now for girls can be so mature.

Janet Krugel said...

What a fun gift guide! It makes me wish I had a tween girl in my life to buy for. Some of this would be fun to buy for my teen niece who just started college. She's always fun to buy for.

Bri @ All Thats Glittered said...

I don't have anyone this age to shop for, but cute picks!

PositivelyStacey said...

My oungest would love the booties in black. I need to get to Justice. We have an oullet near us. I wonder if they will have the booties? IF not, I am sure I will find something she will love.

MyTeenGuide said...

These are awesome ideas. I will share this with my friends who have tweens.

Roxanne Ferber said...

I love that all these are recommended by tweens themselves!

Misty Blue said...

Very cute! Love the comments from the girls themselves!

Laura - Eye Candy Creative Studio said...

I know this store WELL. I have a 12 year old and she loves this place. They have the best gift area to find everything from small toys and stuffed animals to jewlery galore!

Karissa Ancell said...

These are great gift ideas. My 9 year old daughter would love a lot of these.

Yona Williams said...

I'm not a tween, and I still love shirts that sparkle. After seeing this post, I feel I'm not a tween, and I still love shirts that sparkle. After seeing this post, I feel like I need to add a plaid shirt to my I need to add a plaid shirt to my closet.

alexandria waning said...

I never shopped there, but both my sisters did...back when it was Limited Too even! I was always so jealous that it wasnt around for me. They have really cute stuff.

Kristin and Megan said...

Dying over those sweet little BFF bracelets. Am I too old for them? Haha! They're so darn cute!

Erin Shebish said...

I dont have tweens to shop for this year thank goodness! But I know this would totally thrill people who do!

Becca said...

Awesome gift guide! The kids definitely love Justice!

Di said...

Ok am I the only one in my 40's looking at these shoes and leggings and thinking *I* need a pair? So cute! Love the zipper shoes and cool leggings for yoga class!