Monday, January 18, 2016

Skinny Copycat Wendy's Frosty

I have to admit it. I am a sucker for a Frosty. There is just something about that chocolate goodness that I have a hard time saying no to. I don't eat much sugar, but I love a Frosty. In an effort in the new year to clean up our diets even more, we have sworn off the drive thru and any extra sugar. I needed to replace my favorite treat and I found a way that is delicious, has fewer calories and the added benefit of vitamins! Sounds like a win all around.

 You will need: 

  • 4-5 cups of vanilla frozen yogurt (for a more authentic taste use vanilla ice cream, but we are going for delicious AND fewer calories)
  • 3/4 cup skim or 1% milk (I use 1% because that is what I  normally buy my family)
  • 1/4 Nesquik Chocolate Powder

 Put the milk, frozen yogurt and Nesquik into your blender and blend until everything is nice and creamy. Add a straw and you have a delicious drink.
 My girls beg me to make these for them almost every day and I feel way better about them drinking these homemade drinks than other chocolate drink. Nesquik has 7 essential vitamins and minerals, no artifical colors or flavors and 45% less sugar than the leading syrup brand.

We not only use Nesquik in our treats, but we love using the 8 oz bottles of Nesquik for soccer team snacks. Research suggests that Nesquik has the ideal balance of carbs and protein 3:1, to help refuel and restore exhausted muscles, making it the perfect snack after you little one plays their hardest.
When I was editing pictures for this post, I was ready to Photoshop this image of my 7-year-old. I wasn't sure I wanted her marker covered artist hands to feature so prominently and then I realized something. This is our real life. This is what our afternoons look like, my little artist drawing to her hearts content and then asking for a snack. A chocolate snack to be exact, which is when we pull out the blender and the Nesquik. This is what some of our afternoons look like, and I wouldn't change it for anything.
What is your kids favorite after school snack? Check out the Nesquik Pinterest Page for more idea.
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