Thursday, January 7, 2016

Wooden Heart Bouquet

This last year, a dream of mine came true. I finally have a fireplace mantel! I have been so excited to decorate it, that the second one holiday is over I am already onto the  next one. Today I am going to share the beginnings of my Valentine's Mantel with you. It is probably my favorite mantel I have put together so far and I love all the little details. These wooden heart bouquets were the first thing I made. They are easy to pull together and the only time they take it drying time. 

You will need:

  • bamboo skewers
  • hot glue
  • red, pink and white paint
  • wooden hearts in three different sizes
  • glass vases
  • red sand
  • white sand 

First sand and paint your hearts. I painted three small hearts for each bouquet, one pink, one white and one red. I painted three medium hearts, one of each color, but I only painted two of the large hearts. I didn't want the vase to be overwhelmed so I thought two large hearts were enough. I painted two red ones, one of each vase, then one pink one and one white one. 

For the large hearts, I left the bamboo skewers their original length, about 12 inches, for the medium hearts I cut them down to 7.5 inches and for the small ones I cut them down to 9 inches. I glued the appropriate sized skewer to the back of each heart using hot glue. I made sure to glue the skewer all the way across the heart to give it more stability.

I found small bags of red and white sand in the craft section of my local Dollar Tree. I bought one bag of each color for each vase, so for two vases, four bags total. I split each bag in half so I could rotate the colors in the vase. I started with red and then white. Make sure to not shuffle the vases around too much after you layer to sand to prevent the sand from completely mixing together. 

Add the hearts and you have cute Valentine bouquets for tables or in my case mantels!  

Do you decorate a mantel for each holiday?
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