Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Winter Vacation in Utah

Snow. Snow everywhere. There comes a time every winter where my entire family gets stir crazy. We want to be outside, but it is just so darn cold. This winter we decided we wanted to go on a little winter vacation where we could enjoy everything about the cold, but also have a warm place to go after we were done with snow.

We headed to the Homestead Resort in Midway, Utah. If you have never been to Midway, you are seriously missing out. It is the cutest town I have ever seen. It was settled by Swiss immigrants and they have fully embraced their Swiss heritage right down to the building designs.

One of our biggest frustrations in staying at a hotel with small children is that we always have to go to bed at the same time as them. So we end up sitting in the bathroom reading or something like that because we just aren't ready for bed at 8 p.m. So at Homestead Resort we opted for a bunk room. A bunk room sleeps six people — two queen beds in the main room and a little side room with a set of bunk beds. It was perfect! We put the kids to be, closed their door, then sat down and watched a movie in the main room. The kids LOVED the bunk beds! They keep asking to go back!

I think the kids' favorite part of the hotel was hands down the pool. I loved that the pool was actually warm instead of freezing cold. It was enjoyable to swim in the indoor pool, and was a fun break from all of the snow outside. 

If you want a really warm soak, you can relax in the crater located on the grounds of the Homestead Resort. Inside the crater is a gorgeous geothermal spring. We are planning to come back and soak in the crater next time and we can't wait.

We wanted to embrace the snow so we took our kiddos to the ice castles in Midway. They were absolutely beautiful. The ice castles are an annual fixture. If you plan on going next year I would suggest dressing in full winter gear. The people that were just in jeans got pretty cold going down the ice slides. I would double layer your socks too, My poor seven-year-old's boots fell off going down the ice slide and she put them back on without mentioning it. She ended up with frostbite on both feet. Fortunately we were able to treat it and she's doing fine. But a little frostbite didn't deter her. She had an absolute blast and wants to go back next year, but I will make sure she is extra warm and prepared.

We also took our kiddos tubbing in Park City which was an ABSOLUTE blast. It is perfect for someone who wants to go out in the snow, but doesn't know how to ski or snowboard. We love to ski in our family, but the little one isn't quite ready. Letting her go tubing meant she could be on the slopes with us.

One of our favorite stops in the area is Dairy Keen, in nearby Heber. It is a little burger joint, but the best part about it is the shakes and the fun train that goes around the top of the restaurant while you eat.

Besides their regular train that goes around the restaurant the whole time you are there, they have a replica Hogwarts Express in the back room and for a quarter you can send the train to Hogwarts and help Harry Potter get to school! 

I never thought a winter vacation could be so much fun? What is your favorite Utah winter destination? 

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Becky @ Utah Sweet Savings said...

Oh man! I really need to do a stay-cation up there. Every time we go up and visit we wish we could stay longer! And yes, the Ice Castles are Amazing!!

Vanessa Barker said...

You've got me planning a family trip to the Homestead. I've never stayed there, only visited when I did my scuba dive certification in the crater. It sure was a beautiful place. Also, we LOOOOVE the dairy keen. YUM

marissa | Rae Gun Ramblings said...

Oh looks so fun. I wish I knew about the Dairy Keen when we went up to the Ice Castles