Thursday, February 25, 2016

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Mantel

I am so excited to be able to share my mantel with you today. I thought I loved this year's Valentine's Day mantel, until I created this one. This is hands down my favorite mantel I have put together. I was scrolling through Pinterest looking for mantel inspiration and I just couldn't find anything I liked, let alone loved. As much as I love Shamrocks, I love colors that pop even more. I want a bright and happy mantel, not a subdued one. 

I was lamenting lack of bright and cheery St. Patrick's Day mantels to my 7-year-old when she told me to make it a rainbow. A light bulb went off and I headed to a local thrift store to put together all of the pieces for this rainbow mantel. 
Most of the frames were different colors when I first started the project. I went to the thrift store and looked for frames of all sizes. I knew I wanted a large frame to paint green or blue to be in the middle. This is the break down of the rainbow.

Red: A prepainted square red canvas
Orange: a 5x7 frame
Yellow: 8x10 textured frame
Green: a three opening collage frame
Blue: a large 20x20 frame
Indigo: an 11x14 frame
Violet: a 5x7 frame

I wanted most of the frames to be open, but I did want a few pictures on the mantel. I made a large rainbow tutu and took pictures of my girls in it for the 5x7 frames. Find the tutu information here. My 7-year-old and I made a large Luck watercolor for the middle frame, find the tutorial here. I sanded and used acrylic paints to paint each of the frames, making sure the largest frame would be in the middle and the 5x7s with the pictures in them would be near the ends. You could fill in all the frames or leave them all open. I love the look with some of the full and some of them open.
After I finished the frames, I wanted some flowers on the mantel too, so I created these cute centerpieces with items I had on hand and from the dollar store. They were really easy, find the tutorial for them here
Overall, I am completely in love with the way the mantel turned out. It is bright and colorful, it has pictures of my sweet girls on it and a fun watercolor that I made with my oldest daughter. It is the best of all my worlds!
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