Saturday, March 19, 2016

How To Let Your Kids Find Their Style

All the clothes in this post come from Cents of Style. 
The first time someone told me I had such cute clothes I remember whipping my head up in surprise. I always felt like the little ugly duckling when I was young. I remember begging other girls to take me shopping to try and figure out what my style was and how to look like them. I didn't love the clothes my parents bought for me, but I didn't love what everyone else seemed to be wearing either. I was uncomfortable in my own skin and my clothes for a long time. I was an adult before I really and truly found my style and it surprised me how much the right clothes made me feel about myself. I have been determined to help my kids find their style and feel a lot earlier in life. There is no reason to hate what you are wearing. Here are my tips for helping your kids find their style self. 

Take the shopping with you. Whether it is online at Cents of Style or in a store. Let them browse and see what they like. Let them try on things that they love and you aren't sure about so they can get a feel for what they love and some things might surprise you. 

Bib Button Kids Overalls, Cents of Style
 Let them experiment. Some days need to be strict, "No you can't wear jogging pants to church," but most of the time, especially in the summer if they want to experiment with stripes on polka dots, let them. Let them figure out how to dress themselves. I have one daughter that loves cowboy boots. She gravitates towards them in the store and has quite a few pairs. It is a fun, and pretty easy way to help her feel confident in what she is wearing.
Love You Mostest Infinity Graphic Tee, Cents of Style
 Listen to them. If they feel like they are too big for character shirts, take a break and see if they still feel the same way later. I remember being so embarrassed by my clothes when I was younger, not because they were bad clothes, but because they just weren't me. Kids know what makes them feel good and sometimes it is very different than the way the parents want them to dress.
Mint Ballerina Tulle Skirt, Cents of Style
 Don't pass on your insecurities. A little while ago, I took my daughter to try on jeans with me. We both had a pile of jeans and we were going through them in the same dressing room. I was making negative comments about my body under my breath and soon realized my daughter was repeating them. I was devastated. I didn't want her to feel that way about herself. I started changing the way I was talking about the clothes. If something didn't fit, it just didn't fit, I didn't need to blame my body.
Readers Gonna Read Graphic Tee, Cents of Style
Find your style. It is hard to let your kids find their style when you don't have your own. I love eclectic funky clothes with a side of geek. I was 25 when I figured out that I didn't have to love clothes just because others did. I am all about tulle skirts and graphic tees because I love them and they make me happy. Teach your kids to find the pieces that make them smile, because every time I see my Readers Gonna Read Shirt it brings a smile to my face, just like fashion should.

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