Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Simple Easter Mantel

 It always makes me sad when Easter comes so early in the year. I feel like we don't truly get the chance to enjoy the spring decorations. It is so much fun to decorate with cute little chicks and bunnies and I am sad they are going to go away all to soon.

Since I absolutely loved my St. Patrick's Day mantel this year, I waited until the last second to take it down, which means that my Easter mantel won't be up very long at all. I didn't want to spend tons of money on decorations for a few weeks, so I decided to go for items mostly from the dollar store and it actually ended up turning out pretty fab.

 The whole window was something I already had on hand and love using for my different mantels. Look at flea markets and thrift stores to find one. If you do find one, snatch it up because they go very fast! Dress it up with a different wreath and it can be for any holiday. The Easter Egg wreath came from Michaels but almost everything else came from my local dollar tree.

 Two glass vases filled with Easter eggs and flowers. Two darling wooden chicks and to add some height but not price, I bought two garden trellis pieces from the dollar store and then spray painted them pink.

All in all this mantel cost me about $10 plus the wreath and window which I had on hand. No too shabby!

Do you decorate for Easter?

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