Thursday, April 21, 2016

Pink and Turquoise Paper Crane Little Girls Bedroom

I am excited to start the tour of our new house on the blog today. I have never loved any room in my house enough to post it before, but after we moved I made it a goal to love each room in my house. Today we are starting with my girls room.  Why paper cranes? 

From an earlier post: I have always had a secret goal of folding 1,000 cranes in my life. It was a goal that I shared with a childhood friend of mine. We grew up and grew apart and I forgot about the goal, but she didn't. She wanted to have 1,000 cranes at her wedding but it didn't end up happening. When she unexpectedly passed away her friends and family came together fold 1,000 paper cranes for her memorial service. A few years ago I sat at her memorial surrounded by the many, many paper cranes that were made in her memory and I felt a powerful connection to them. Even more so than I did when I was a child. They are a beautiful, powerful reminder of the good in the world. My younger daughter shares her middle name with my friend and so when I was designing her nursery, paper cranes seemed like the perfect fit. 

Pink and turquoise came kind of naturally, my favorite color is turquoise and so I naturally gravitated toward it. My 7-year-old's favorite color is pink and she begged for it to be included.

The room really started with the quilt you see hanging on the wall. My mother-in-law makes each grandchild a quilt. When I was pregnant with our second daughter, I had some crazy quilt ideas. I talked them through my with in-laws and this is what they came up with. My father-in-law designed it and my mother-in-law created it. She hand embroidered every single on of those cranes. It turned out even better than I could have possibly imagined. It was originally supposed to be the blanket on her bed, but the second my husband and I saw it, we both fell in love with it and couldn't bear to let it drag it all over the house. It hangs on the wall above her crib so she can see it every day and enjoy it.

The I was afraid the room was going to have too much pink since my older's daughter's bed has a pink quilt, so I went with a turquoise rug from Target and a turquoise baby sheet for the crib.

The paper crane mobile in the corner is one of my very favorite parts of the bedroom. My brother and I made it together when I was pregnant and all you need for it is some paper, some string and a embroidery hoop. You can find the complete instructions here. 

On the top of the bookshelf in the corner are different are a handful of different colored paper cranes and different books about paper cranes. 

In the corner is my girls dresser. I got the lamp for free from a friend but it was gold. I took the shade off, covered the cord in masking tape and spray painted it turquoise. I love how it turned out and it has held up really well. When my mom found the pink and turquoise jewelry box for my daughter it fit in the room perfectly. 

Over the dresser hang two frames, one has an extra crane that my mother-in-law embroidered in it. The second has three crane bracelets in it. They are white bracelets with a little gold crane on them. I made the first and smallest bracelet for the baby to wear at her christening. I had extra beads and cranes so I made another one for my older daughter and one for me. We all wore them at the baby's christening and for awhile after. When the baby outgrew her bracelet I took them all and hung them in this shadow box with turquoise paper. 

I bought a turquoise IKEA cart for doll clothes storage and spray painted the doll bed turquoise to match as well. It just so happened that my doll house from my child hood had a turquoise roof, so it fit perfectly in the room too.

I found the white paper lanterns at my local craft store and the turquoise ones at the dollar store. They are hung from the ceiling on baker's twine. I added string with paper cranes on them too. Over her bed are two quilled initials. One for each of my girls. 

On the wall by the door there are some vinyl cranes on the wall with a the saying Let Your Dreams Take Flight. 

In between their closet doors hangs this drawing of a paper crane. My brother drew this right after my friend passed away and made copies of it for her brothers and sisters, I bugged him and bugged him for a copy of it too, he did one better and gifted me the original. I love it so much, every time I see it, I smile. 

I absolutely love how this room turned out. It is probably my favorite room in my house! Coming up tours of my craft room and my hallway library!
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