Friday, June 24, 2016

Doctor Who Nails using a Cricut

A couple weeks ago, my mom got me hooked on gel nail polish. It goes on so easy and it wears so well. I have never really spent much time doing my nails, but I love this polish so much that I have been painting my nails and my little ones nails a lot over the last few weeks. 

I love nail stamping and cute designs but I have always wished that I could customize my nails to my favorite things. I decided to try and cut out tiny designs with my Cricut and it was fantastic! 

To make these nail decals, head over to the Explore site and select the great big blue, Create a New Project button. I like to search for Doctor Who SVGS or silhouettes online and then upload them Cricut Design Space by selecting the upload image button. If you don't find a SVG, then upload a picture and select the simple image button. You will need to click the delete the parts around the image that you don't want to the machine to cut. Make sure only the part of the image you want to use is selected, no white space.

The images need to be fairly small for them to be able to fit on your nails, so make sure to choose simple images. I loved the little Dalek and was so impressed that the Cricut was able to cut out all the little dots so well.

After the image is cut, weed off all of the excess vinyl so just your image is left.

Paint your toes with a gel polish. I love Sally Hansen Gel polish, but any polish will work. Do two coats of color, letting the color dry completely in between coats.

When your painted nails are compeltely dry, peel the vinyl sticker off the backing and stick it to the you nail. Do a top coat or two over top to secure the vinyl.

I absolutely love them and they lasted so well! The decals didn't come off until I took them off with professional strength nail polish remover. 

The possiblities are endless. What would you put on your nail?

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