Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Kickstarter: Hideaboo- Playhouses for Kids

Last night at the Kickstarter launch for Hideaboo, my kids were astronauts, knights, submarine divers and two sisters out on a campout, all without leaving the room. I have always wanted to make my a card table play house but these hideouts go above and beyond anything that I have ever dreamed. The designs and printing are absolutely gorgeous and I can say that this is the first Kickstarter that I am going to personally back. My kids loved them so much that my 2-year-old cried when we didn't bring the Submarine home with us.

From Hideaboo: Our story is simple. Miss AshLee, a gifted educator and mom of two spitfire little girls had an idea rolling around in that creative brain of hers. She imagined a play center that kids would fall in love with and parents could easily use to encourage play. That idea sprouted and evolved into Hide-a-boo Hideouts. Colorful, fun and outright glee-inducing card table forts that are a home base for adventure and creative play. 

Hide-a-boo Hideouts are here to encourage play for all kids. Hideouts are forts that slip over a card table for easy set-up and are a home base for adventure. Created with a puppet backdrop on one side and on top, an aerial view map that's also a play mat. Hideouts are incredibly versatile, giving kids endless opportunities for creative and imagination inspired play. 

The Outer Space Rocket Hideout
 The Happy Camper Hideout (this is my personal favorite! So cute!)
 The Enchanted Castle Hideout
The Underwater Submarine Hideout

I am really excited about this Kickstarter and I hope you will be to. Let's bring imaginative play back into our children's lives! Back Hideaboo here.

Which hideout is your favorite?
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