Sunday, July 31, 2016

Harry Potter Pictures with your Kids

Ever since Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings and I had babies a couple months apart, we have been taking Harry Potter themed picture of our little ones every single July. It has been something I look forward to each year and I giggle every time I see the photos. Here are all of crazy and fun ideas for taking Harry Potter pictures with your kids. With all the photos, I linked to where we got the props and the costumes so you can take you own photos too. 

 Teddy is about five months old in these photos and not sitting up yet, so all of these photos are set up to be safe for an uneasy sitter. Teddy is already Harry Potter lucky because his mom sells the cute outfit he is wearing in her Rae Gun Shop. You can find his outfit here. The glasses are apart of this costume set found here. The Scarf, Wand and Hogwarts Letter come from the Pieces By Polly Etsy Shop found here. I couldn't find the exact suitcase set I used in these pictures but this set here would work too.

 For this photo, we wanted Teddy to sit up so we could get a better glimpse of the glasses and scarf. The easiest way to do this was to put a pillow in the corner of the room, drape the backdrop over top of it and prop him up, with the security of his mom only a step away.

Or lay the baby swaddled in a suitcase with the glasses on. Notice in this photo that the scarf is right under her face so that she doesn't get hurt by the suitcase edge.

 This is absolutely one of my favorite picture. He is just so excited that he finally got his Hogwarts Letter.

 These next few pictures are perfect for people who might not want to spend a lot of money on props. You just need a copy of the books for these ones. The above picture is perfect if you have a sleepy baby but want to take a few more picture. Swaddle them in a white blanket and when they are asleep lay them down with the props.
For this picture, the books are not stacked in order, but set to make more even piles. After a couple of times of trial and error, we found that the second book, Chamber of Secrets, was the perfect height for the baby to lay on.

The picture below is one of my favorites. For safety reasons, it is a composite image, or an image that is made up of two images. There are a few steps you can take when shooting to make putting together a composite image a snap. Have your parent hold the baby securely with a hand. Take pictures until you have one you love, then have the parent move their hand to a completely different spot and take a few more pictures. This way you will have two picture that combine easily for a cute, and parent free picture. The cute bird cage in the photo was purchased at Tai Pan Trading, which doesn't have an online store, but you can find a similar one here.

For our second year of Harry Potter costumes, we went with House Elf Aprons and Kitchen supplies. Find the House Elf Aprons here. It was such an easy set up, because we just needed the apron and then kitchen items that we already had on hand.

We raided Marissa's kitchen and pulled out every pot and pan for a fun picture. We even let the kids enough some pastries while we were taking pictures.

The hardcover books with the colorful dust jackets are always going to be the best prop, so just augment them with other items.

We also did Slytherin costumes this year and Marissa had a dark mark stamp for the kids arms. Seriously best thing ever. You can find the Slytherin Costumes here.

For these photos we mostly used the books as props. The birdcage in this photo is the same one that we used the year before from Tai Pan Trading.

For year three of Harry Potter photos, Marissa made play wands out of dowels, hot glue and paint and we dressed the kiddos up in Hogwarts Class Shirts.

 I am pretty sure this is my favorite picture. With Teddy hexing Hailey's nose.

These Harry Potter towels are absolutely darling and a easy way to add a lot of Harry Potter into one picture. The glasses on the hood along with the lightening bolt scar are my favorite. You can order the towel here. 

I am not sure what next year will hold for these Harry Potter kiddos, but I already know it is going to be fabulous.

Have you every done Harry Potter Pictures with your kids?
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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Oreo Necklace

We might have a slight Oreo obsession in our house. These delightful chocolate cookies are the perfect treat with a glass of milk, or in my case, a jar of peanut butter. My girls are always delighted when Oreo Cookies make their way into our shopping cart and we all have our favorites. My girls go for Double Stuffed, you are most likely to find me with a package of Golden Lemon Oreo Cookies and my husband with mint. Oreo Cookies are as iconic as they come and my daughter wanted to commemorate her love for her favorite snack with a cute bubble necklace. 

This necklace is really easy to make and comes together so fast. Fizzy Pops is where I get the supplies for all of my bubble necklaces. They have an amazing selection. Here is what I used for these necklaces. 

You will need from Fizzy Pops:

First you will need to cut your wire the desired length of your necklace plus 1.5 inches on each side. My wire is 20 inches long, plus the 1.5 inches on each side, for a total of 23 inches.

Close a 6mm jump ring and slide it on the end of your wire. Loop the wire around the ring and then slide two crimp beads over both sections of wire. Use a pair of pliers to crimp the crimp beads down until they are tight and flat. You can also add an extender chain at this point, if you want to. For detailed instructions on adding an extender chain, check out the Fizzy Pops tutorial here.

After your beads are crimped. you are ready to add your necklace beads. The idea behind this necklace is to make the beads look like little Oreo Cookies with white beads sandwiched in between black ones. Here is my necklace pattern for this necklace:

Spacer Bead
Black Bead
White Bead
Black Bead

(repeated 4x)

Spacer Bead
bottle cap pendant
Spacer Bead

Spacer Bead
Black Bead
White Bead
Black Bead

(repeated 4x)

Slide a lobster clasp onto a 6mm jump ring and then close the jump ring. Slide the jump ring onto the wire and then double back the wire through the crimp beads and a couple extra of the necklace beads. Crimp the crimp beads until they are tight and then trim the excess wire.

You necklace is now ready to add the image to the center! Do a search for an image you love  Pull it into a photo editing program, any program or app should be able to crop it. You want the image to print about 3/4 of an inch high. Use a 1 inch circle hole punch to punch out the image after it is printed.

Place an epoxy sticker on top of the image and rubbed the back to make sure all air bubbles were gone. Add a small amount of a strong glue (like E-6000) to the bottle cap and gently press your image with epoxy sticker to the bottle cap.

Allow the glue to dry completely before wearing.

Do you love Oreo Cookies as much as we do? Right now, just by sharing your love of Oreo you can win an amazing adventure. Simply share a picture of yourself enjoying an OREO treat at any restaurant. It could be a beverage, ice cream or any other Oreo treat. Add ‪#‎OREOSummerSweepstakesand‬ tag it with @Oreo.

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So go enter! How do you Oreo?

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Magic School Bus Ms. Frizzle Costume

The Magic School Bus was a fun and wonderful part of my childhood. I was absolutely delighted to find the show on Netflix and I introduced it to my older daughter when she was about 5. Now, a few years later, Ms. Frizzle is as much a part of her childhood as it was apart of mine. When I asked her what she wanted to be for Comic Con this year and she said Ms. Frizzle, I was delighted. We had a lot of fun making this dress and costume together. 

You will need: 

Cricut has a really awesome set of planets in their image library and I used those for all of the major planets. You can find them here. I simplified most of them to be just two layers because I wanted to conserve vinyl. You can turn off a layer in Design Space by clicking on the eye in the layers section on the far right side of the screen. Simply click the eye on what you don't want to cut and it will take it off your screen without completely deleting it.

To make this dress, head over to the Explore site and select the great big blue, Create a New Project button. Hit the Insert Images button and then search for the different planets that you want to add.

Make your images different colors and your Cricut will know that you plan on cutting them out of different colors and place them on different mats when you hit cut. It will separate your planets into two pieces so you can cut them out of different colored heat transfer.

When you make projects with more than on top of each other one color of vinyl is called layering heat transfer and it is surprisingly easy and just needs a little patience. You will need to cut two layers for each of the sun, one in yellow, one in orange. Two layers for the Earth in green and blue and two layers for Mars and Jupiter. The stars are just white heat transfer and only need the one layer. I copied and pasted the stars over and over again on my screen and then enlarged some and shrunk others to have different sized stars.

Heat Transfer goes onto your mat with the shiny side down. Set your machine to iron-on and then hit the go button. Remember when cutting heat transfer with a machine, you always need to be sure to flip/mirror your images or you text will be backwards when you iron it on. For this project is isn't crucial to flip the images, but I do anyways.

Weed the all of the negative parts of the design away, leaving just the pieces you need. Always start with the bottom layer on your shirt with the carrier sheet up. Place the other sheets on top of the bottom design until it is positioned how you want. Peel the other sheets off the shirt leaving just the bottom layer.

Iron directly onto the carrier sheet with the bottom layer in each planet for about 15 seconds. Peel the carrier sheet off, leaving the design on the dress. 

Line up the top of the planet over the the piece already ironed down and  iron down for 15 seconds. Peel the carrier sheet off. Make sure the entire design is always covered by a carrier sheet or a piece of parchment paper. This will keep the black from sticking to your iron.

 Iron over the entire design for about 30 seconds, so the entire design has been ironed for 30 seconds, not 30 seconds total. Flip over and iron from the back for an additional 15-20 seconds.

The planets and some of the stars go on the front of the dress and then stars of all different sizes go on the back as well.

After your dress is done, you can start work on Ms. Frizzle's headpiece. Paint all of the Styrofoam planets as the box directs you. When they are dry, make a circlet of thick wire that fits on the head of the person who is going to wear the costume. Close the circle by twisting the wire together. Stick a piece of wire a couple inches long into each planet. Secure the wire with hot glue. Twist the other end of the wire around the large circle of wire, creating a planet head piece.

It seemed the most comfortable way for the head piece to be worn was with the smallest planets surrounding the face and the larger ones in the back. Finish off the costume with Saturn earrings, and a little Liz for the shoulder.

Since my daughter is going to wearing this at Comic Con, we are buying her a school bus bag to go with the costume so she doesn't have to carry the bus in the photo around. 

What are your memories of The Magic School Bus? 

Navy Blue Dress
Heat Transfer Vinyl
Solar System Kit
Thick Jewelry Wire
Saturn Earrings
School Bus Bag

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