Monday, September 19, 2016

Memories in Jewelry

Soufeel Charm bracelets are a bit of a soft spot for me. I love wearing something that reminds me of fun trips and loved ones. There are high quality bracelets and charms that have a sparkle and shine. I wear my Soufeel charm bracelet more than anything else. When Soufeel contacted me and asked if I wanted to pick a few more charms for my bracelet, I jumped at the chance.

 I spend a lot of time picking charms when for my bracelet because I want them charms to spark happy memories and mean something to me. These bracelets match just about everything and there are so many different options for them. Categories for charms include: Birthstones, Alphabets, Animals, Occupations and Hobby, Religon and many more including simple colorful charms. The charms are 925 Sterling Silver and fit Pandora and Chamilia but at much more affordable prices. They have a 365 day return and exchange guarantee with free shipping over $50.

I ended up with five charms in all this time around:

A soccer ball- this darling little soccer ball represents my soccer loving 7-year-old. I spend more time at soccer games in the spring and fall than just about anything else.

 A photo charm- I love, LOVE this charm. It is a charm personalized with one of my favorite pictures from last Halloween. I love that it fits our family perfectly.

A Nemo Charm- This little Nemo charm represents my 2-year-old and her love for that missing little clown fish.

Scandinavian Horse- This little horse reminds me of my grandma. Her thick Norwegian accent and stories of the war were some of my favorite things from my childhood. This charm makes me smile every time I see it.

This little yellow car. My girls and I love to shout Bingo whenever we see a yellow car on the road and this reminds me of the fun times we have had!

I also have five charms from an earlier review including:
Faith Trust and Pixie Dust: a charm signifying my love of Disney and all of the great trips we have taken there.
Big Ben to remember my trip to England. One of my very favorite trips of all time. One day I will take my husband there with me.
The Eiffel Tower to remember a trip to Paris. It was the first time I had every crossed the Atlantic and I was so excited to be seeing the world I had always dreamed about.
A camera to signify my love of pictures and taking them.
Three hearts interconnected to represent the three most important people in my life. My husband and my two girls.

 The bracelet is light weight and good quality. I hardly realize that it is on my wrist, even with all of the charms on it. The charms are sterling silver and really have a beautiful shine to them.

 Right now they have several promotions, so check them out soon! You can get 5% off right now with code Blogger5.

What would you want to signify with charms?
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