Monday, September 19, 2016

Purple and Silver Dollar Store Halloween Wreath

My mom loves the holidays. From Valentine's Day to the Fourth of July, she decorates for them all. She has passed her love of holiday decorations on to me and I can't wait to pull out the next holiday's decorations as soon as possible.

Halloween has never been my favorite holiday to decorate for, I hate being pigeon holed into the orange and black. This year, my seven-year-old came up with the idea for a purple and silver Halloween and I loved the idea and ran with it! I am excited to show you everything I came up with, but first my favorite piece, this wreath.

This wreath is easy to make and you can buy everything you need at the dollar store for a whopping $8!

You will need:

  • a wire wreath form 
  • three rolls of purple mesh (from the dollar store)
  • three rolls of silver mesh (from the dollar store)
  • purple mesh tubing (from the dollar store) 
  • large purple glitter spider 

 Tie the end of one of the purple rolls to the outside ring on the wreath.

 Pinch about three inches of mesh into a loop and push it through the top opening in the wreath. Pinch another three inch loop and push it through the second opening. Pinch a third three inch loop and push it through the third opening. Repeat the whole process, starting with the top opening again. Repeat one more time and then switch colors to silver.

Do not cut the mesh, just start the silver. Repeat the whole process again three times with the silver and then go back to the purple. Just bring the purple around the back of the wreath to start again.

Fill in the entire wreath with the repeating pattern. After you entire wreath form is full, fluff the mesh and then add the tubing, criss crossing it around the wreath. Slide your giant glitter spider underneath one of the mesh tubes and you have a fantastic and easy to make Christmas wreath. 

Do you decorate for Halloween?
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