Monday, October 3, 2016

Curled Paper Pumpkins and Tissue Box Monsters

This last weekend, I owed my daughter a mommy/daughter date. The problem? We had a jammed packed schedule and no time to actually make it happen. I asked if she would love to spend an hour with me at home crafting and snacking and she happily agreed. We made two different easy and fun crafts including Rolled Paper Pumpkins and Monster Tissue Boxes. We had a blast giggling, laughing, painting and snacking of Goldfish crackers. It was easily one of the best mommy/daughter dates ever and it required very little prep or supplies! 

Our first craft was these rolled paper pumpkins. We made three smaller pumpkins together, but you can make them as big as you want!

You will need:

  • orange construction paper
  • green construction paper
  • brown construction paper
  • white card stock 
  • a paper cutter or scissors
  • glue
  • a pencil 

 Cut your orange paper into half inch strips and then cut them in half.

Roll the strips around a pencil. I like to keep my circles small and tight but my daughter likes to make hers larger. You can see three different kinds of circles in the photo below. The ones on the left are tight, and then the middle ones are looser and the ones on the right are the loosest. Add a dab of glue to the end of each roll to hold it together.

Make a small puddle of glue on a heavy piece of paper and dip the back of the rolls into the glue before positioning it on the paper.

Cut a half inch wide brown strip of construction paper and cut it into thirds. Fold each piece in half and dip in the glue. Slide the brown paper in between two of the circles to be the stem.

Roll half inch strips of green paper around a pencil and then allow them to unravel all of the way. Dip the vines in the glue and then place around the pumpkins.

This darling and easy pumpkin patch came together in about a half an hour! 

This Monster Tissue Box was the hit of the day and my daughter spent the entire next day feeding it Goldfish Crackers and small toys. I think we will be making more soon! 

You will need: 
  • a tissue box
  • white card stock 
  • a black marker 
  • orange and purple paint 
  • a large foam brush

Either save an empty tissue box or empty one for this craft. Paint the box any color you want. My daughter's favorite color is orange right now, so we painted the box orange with a large foam brush.

After the box is dry, use the back side of the brush to add contrasting polka dots all over the box.

Cut the teeth from the card stock by cutting sharp jagged triangles. Cut the eyes by tracing the bottom of something circular and cutting them out. Tape the teeth on the inside of the box and the eyes to the top.

We had a blast creating both crafts. We ate snacks and told each other stories from the week. It was the perfect little date in our own living room.

My daughter requested Goldfish Crackers for her treat because she knows it is one that I will never argue with her about eating. They are always baked with real cheese and they have no artificial flavors or preservatives. They are baked with whole grain cheddar they have 12g of whole grains per serving.  The colors are sourced from plants, such annatto extracted from the reddish seeds of the Achiote Tree. The biggest thing? My kids absolutely love them! They were the perfect addition to our crafting.

What is your child's favorite flavor of Goldfish Crackers?
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