Tuesday, December 6, 2016

10 Ways To Gift Photos

Every Christmas season I get requests from siblings and friends to help them put together gifts for their loved ones. It's no secret I'm an absolute photo junkie. My husband often calls my camera my Horcrux, because if it was destroyed part of my soul would die. I love being behind the camera, and making photo gifts for my family. The items I've made with photos are some of my very favorite things in my entire house.

There are many companies that  offer different photo gifts, and I have tried just about everyone.  When I was given the chance to sample some of Shutterfly's products this Christmas, I couldn't wait! Some of these products were given to me as samples, but most of them are ones I have purchased over the years. As always, opinions are my own. People are always asking me for ideas for photo gifts and so I put together an entire list of photo gifts.  Here are some of my favorites.

Photo Books - Photo books are one of my very favorite things to give as gifts. I have made wedding albums for my parents and my in-laws, as well as collections of old photos for grandparents, and silly compilations of pictures for my kids. Photo books are one of my treasured possessions and they are easily the most looked-at books in my house.

Mouse Pad- a mouse pad is a great and practical way to give photos to anybody who frequents a computer. It is something they will look at and see every day, but it is also a more discreet photo than plastering your office wall with photos of your kids. I made this mouse pad for my husband for Father's Day more than eight years ago and it is still going strong. I love looking at it and seeing our daughter as a little munchkin.

Magnets- I have a photo magnet problem. Can you tell? These magnets come in different sizes and shapes and you can make collages with them or use a single photo. I have been collecting them for years and I am almost at the point where our entire fridge is filled up. It is my happy place in my house and I love buying magnets for others too. They usually get as addicted as I am.

Puzzles- For the puzzle fan, what could be better than a puzzle with your darling, kids, grand kids or furbabies on it? There are lots of different design options and you can use multiple photos. This one is actually what my mom is getting for Christmas. Shhhhhhh........

Memory Games- For the child or game fan in your life, these memory games are absolutely darling. Our extended family lives all over the country and it can be kind of overwhelming for my two-year-old to remember their names. She is getting this cute game with matches of her aunts, uncles and cousins as a fun way to practice their names.

Mugs- Who doesn't want to have their morning cup in an absolutely fantastic cup? Fill the cup with powdered cocoa and candy canes and you have a sweet and meaningful gift.

Pillows- Photo pillows have changed photo pillows from being a cheesy thing you see in teen movies, to something smart and sleek that can fit into any home decor.

Keychains- I have had this keychain of my family since my daughter was an infant. I love the small reminder of my family. It isn't bulky, but it is extremely durable and can take a beating. I actually lost my keys once and this keychain was one of the first things I replaced.

Ornaments- I started making my mom ornaments years ago. Every year I make her one of last year's Christmas. It is so much fun to look back on all of our Christmas celebrations.

Cards- an easy way to share Christmas cheer with all of your family and friends. I love the double-sided cards from Shutterfly. Our main photo is on the front and then my favorites from the year are on the back. Most people don't do a family letter anymore and I like the the photos on the back are able to show people a little about our year.

What photo gifts are you giving this year?
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