Thursday, December 8, 2016

Golden Snitch Ornament with printable wings

Harry Potter and Christmas are a match made in heaven. The Christmas chapters of the books and homemade sweaters are some of my very favorite moments in the entire series. This year I have been creating my own Harry Potter inspired tree and adding all sorts of DIYs to it. These Snitches are so easy to make and are very affordable! The printable wings make them take less than 5 minutes each! 

You will need:
a gold ornament (I picked mine up at a dollar store)
the printable wings at the end of this post
hot glue
gold spray paint (if you want to paint the back of the printable

Print the wings off. There are two different kinds of wings so you can find one that is more your style. If you want the back of your wings to not be white, spray them with a quick coat of gold spray paint.

Add a dab of hot glue to the center of the Snitch wings and attach them to the ornament at the back. Add a ornament hanger and you have a darling and fast ornament!

Who in your life would love these?!

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Snitch Wings

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