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Best Books of 2016

Today, I am joining Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings to discuss our favorite books of the year! You can find hers here and join us tomorrow on FB for a live discussion of them.

How many books did you read in 2016? About 50, I forgot to mark them all on my Goodreads this year. I need to update it!

What were the top 5 books you read?In no particular order  

Rebel of the Sands - Alwyn Hamilton- 
Kids of Appetite by David Arnold- Two deaths set Mad and Vic on a path. The death of Vic's father leads to a mission to scatter his ashes in all the places that were important to his father and it leads to the murder of Mad's Uncle. The Hackensack Police Department desperately want to hear the end of the story but first they must listen to the beginning.

Sometimes I feel like books find you at the right time in your life. Kids of Appetite is about strength and making your own family. It is about collecting stories and falling in love. It is about life and loss and was just what I needed.

Illuminae by Amy Kaufman- Kady's planet was just attacked. A small planet on the edge of the universe is now a blaze and she must fight her way to a evacuating ship. The ships escape with the attacker in pursuit. It doesn't seem like it could get much worse until the evacuees realize that the people who attacked them used a bio weapon that has turned into a plague and it is killing the afflicted rapidly and it seems like death is certain even before the ship's computer turns against the crew. I honestly didn't think I was going to like this book but if turned out to be fun adventure that I couldn't put down. Just a word to future readers this is not a book for a e-reader. Formatting is half the story with this one. Get your hands on a physical copy of you want to read this.

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel - In the aftermath of the Georgia Flu, which was estimated to have killed 99% of the population, the Traveling Symphony is a small group of musicians and actors who travel to the small towns that have popped up in hotels and airports to perform plays and symphonies. Station Eleven is a post apocalyptic book that I feel shows what the end of the world would really be like. Small communities, some lawlessness, some cults and also some people devoted to the arts and bringing them to the people. People who know that "survival is insufficient." This book didn't have a huge driving force behind it, rather it seemed like we just got a view of this group of people for a small snippet in time. It was kind of slow moving but honestly quite delightful.

Court Of Fives by Kate Elliot - I loved this book. It is American Ninja Warrior meets Fantasy Folklore. It was a page turner from start to finish. Heart breaking and daring. I loved the main character and her development through the story. If you like YA Fantasy, I highly recommended it.

Name an author you’re glad you discovered in 2016 - Any of the ones who wrote my top five. All five were new authors for me and I was pleasantly surprised by each book. I will be reading others by these authors. 

What book(s) did you find yourself recommending the most this year? I recommended Iluminae and Station Eleven to almost everyone because they really work for both YA and Adult readers.

What book was recommended TO YOU the most this year? Did you read it? A Court of Thorn and Roses. Not yet, I actually ended up putting it on my Christmas list and thought my husband would be bummed if I read it before he gave it to me. It is sitting on my nightstand right now.

Did any book make you angry? Gameboard of the Gods. It mostly frustrated me because I found myself so invested in the story and excited for the sequels only to find out that the third book is on a permanent hold. It doesn't even have a publisher yet.

What was the most surprising book (good or bad)? Kids of Appetite. I have a book subscription box and I told myself that I HAD to read every book that came to make it worth it. I really didn't want to read Kids of Appetite and I ended up loving it.

Was there a book you can’t believe you waited to long to finally read? Outlander. I finally read the first one and it was such a fun read!

Outlander- I have heard about this book every where and so when I found it for a couple bucks at a book sale, I picked it up. I am completely in love. Claire Randall was a combat nurse during WWII, and now she is trying to reconnect with the husband she hasn't see in years. While it Scotland, Claire walks through a standing stone and it thrown back in time to 1743. She is thrown into a life of war between Scotland and England and struggles to get back home. After she meets James Fraser a young Scotsman, she may not want to leave when the time comes.

What was your favorite read of 2016?

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