Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Rainbow Themed Party

I am a huge party planning fanatic. I love pulling together all of the details and parties can take me anywhere from a couple hours to a week to set up. When we decided we were having a family get together for my 8-year-old, I knew I wanted it to be special and beautiful, but I also had just spent months pulling together my most over the top party ever (Her Harry Potter party) and I just didn't have the energy to go extremely over the top again. This rainbow party came together beautifully. The colors really popped and the best part? With the help of my awesome Sister-in-Law, it only took an afternoon to pull together. Here are all the details. 

I wanted the backdrop on the table and the table itself to be a large rainbow. I had to go to a couple of different places to get all of the colors that I needed but between the dollar store and Walmart, the colors were pretty easy to find.

I like taping long strands of crepe paper high up above the food table and then running them all the way below the eye line of the table. After you have each strand hung, twist each strand four or five times and tape it where people won't be able to see.

For the tablecloths, all of the tablecloths are just resting on top of each other to make it easy to save them for another party.

One of my favorite parts of the table is the line of cups in each color along the edge. I bought plates in some colors and bowls in others and stacked them together.

I completely adore the napkins, which was completely my sister-in-law's idea. She stacked the napkins in a rainbow patterned and then used a balled up fist pushing down in the center of the napkins and twisting to make the napkins swirl out.

I wanted there to be at least a little bit of balance between the sweet and healthy, so besides rainbow popcorn and cookies we did a large rainbow vegetable food tray. The red layer is cherry tomatoes, the orange is carrots, the yellow is sliced yellow peppers and pear tomatoes. The green layer is cucumbers and broccoli and the purple layer is red onions. In the past for rainbow parties, we have also done a rainbow fruit tray. You can see that here.

These rainbow cupcakes are always a smash hit at parties. They take a bit of prep work but they are absolutely gorgeous! You can find my full instructions on making them here. 

The real hit of the party was the 12 layer Jello on the table. It takes about 6 hours to get it all the way done, but people absolutely love it. You can find the instructions for it here. 

We found balloons at the dollar store in red, orange, gold, green, blue and purple. It was the perfect touch to the table and afterwards we took pictures with the balloons and my daughter dressed in all white. They are some of my favorite pictures, the innocence of our sweet girl and the beautiful pop of color. We were so lucky to be provided this dress by Noori Dresses for these photos and it was absolutely the perfect choice.  It was full, with a gorgeous satin bodice and embroidered waist with 4 layers of tulle on the skirt. My daughter absolutely loves the dress and begs to wear it.

The party turned out absolutely lovely and the best part was that my daughter was happy with it! Food, decorations, dress and all!

What is your favorite part of the party?
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