Wednesday, February 1, 2017

5 Tips for Decorating on a Budget with CORT Clearance Centers

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
Right before my husband and I got married, we walked into a large furniture store. As we walked around my heart sank. We couldn't afford anything in the store. We headed to the place with cheap furniture across the street and bought what we needed. Within a year or two everything we bought there was broken. I wish I had known about CORT Clearance Centers then. The furniture at CORT is more than discount furniture it is affordable but is high quality and built well. The furniture is up to 70% off the price of buying new and it is trendy things you actually want in your home. Here are my tips for getting the the most of out your budget at CORT. 
Buy large artwork: CORT offers large pieces of artwork for a huge discount, some of the pieces I saw were as low as $19.99. It can be hard to fill the wall space of a new place and some gorgeous large pieces will make your house look complete faster than just about anything. 
Buy in sets: One of the awesome things about CORT is that you can buy rooms by the set. For instance in the photo below, the sofa, chair and coffee table are all at set. It makes decorating each room a lot easier and way more afforable. I am absolutely in love with this couch and I am hoping to talk my husband into it! 
Buy the whole house at once. CORT offers an awesome Instant Home To Go Package that lets you pick the furniture for a bedroom, living room and dinning room all for one great price. There are three different tiers of furniture so you can really get what you can afford all at once. 
Find your accent pieces: Accent pieces can be outrageous priced at other places. I am completely in love with this darling yellow chair. It screams reading nook to me. I love that I can grab this as a room focal point and still have money left for the rest of the room. 
Shop for your home office or business too: CORT Clearance Center doesn't just have stuff for your living room, they have items for an amazing in home office or even your office at work for a fraction of the cost. 
The best part is all of the pieces are CORT Certified. It means that every piece is up to their high quality build standards and if you find a problem with any of your purchases within 90 days they will repair or replace it. 
As a mom with young children, my husband and I have avoided buying nice furniture while our children are still young because we don't want to have to replace it all of the time. I have been thrilled with both the quality of the furniture at CORT and the prices and I look forward to replacing some of our old sad items soon. Especially our dinning room table! 
To find  your local clearance center, just head over here and then head to your nearest CORT, trust me, you will fall in love. 
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