Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Easy Emergency Clutch

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While our family vacations have included some of my very favorite memories, they have also included some of our most stressful. Theme parks are some of our favorite places for a vacation. They can be truly magical but keeping every one together and fed is a challenge in and of itself. As a migraine sufferer, you would think that I would be prepared in case one hits, but I think I always hope that they are a thing of the passed.

Last year as we walked into a park with my little girls dressed like princesses dancing with excitement, it was that moment that I saw the first bright sparkles in my vision that signal migraine pain is near. I absolutely panicked. How was I supposed to enjoy the happiest place on Earth with my kids if I could barely even see. Thank heavens my mom had Excedrin® Migraine in her bag, within an hour I was on rides with my kids. I am so grateful for a medication that lets me live my life with my family instead of sitting on the sidelines.

In that moment, I knew I needed to make sure I was more prepared for life's headaches and I started carrying around one of these cute little emergency clutches. It is small enough to fit in almost any bag and big enough to carry life's essentials. They best part? They are SO easy to make and you can pick up everything you need to make it in a quick trip to Walmart.

  • a square hot pad
  • a large button
  • 10 zipper baggies (snack size)
  • tape
  • sewing machine and a needle and thread
  • things to go inside the emergency kit

This kit is so easy to make less than five minutes for someone who has experience with a sewing machine and probably only 10 for someone who doesn't. This is one of the first things I teach someone to sew, literally anyone can make it!

Stack 10 zipper snack sized bags on top of each other, getting them as even as possible. Make sure the zipper side faces away from the loop on the hot pad and place them in the middle. You can tape the bags down if you are worried about them sliding while you sew.

Sew a straight line down the middle of your hot pad, overlapping the plastic bags by about a quarter of an inch.

Fold the bags over the top of the stitching so they fit in the hot pad nicely. Using a needle and thread, hand sew a button onto the opposite side of the loop, this way you will be able to use the loop to hold the clutch securely closed when it is in your bag.

Fill the bag with all of the little necessities you might need when you are out and about. Some of the things in mine are:

  • Excedrin® Migraine (Use as Directed)
  • Excedrin® Extra Strength (for other types of headaches)
  • adhesive bandages
  • triple antibiotic cream
  • hair elastics
  • safety pins
  • bobby pins
  • paper clips and rubberbands
  • cough drops
  • matches
  • feminine hygeine supplies
  • cash
  • spare house key
  • nail file or baby nail clippers
  • tweezers
  • flossers

I love having all of the things I might need at my finger tips, especially the medicine that I need for my migraines. I trust Excedrin® Migraine for my fast headache relief because not every medicine is meant for migraines. Your migraine demands a migraine solution: Excedrin® Migraine starts to relieve migraine pain in 30 minutes. #1 Neurologist Recommended*  If you think you are suffering from migraines, consult your doctor before beginning any treatment.

*Among OTC medicine for migraines. Symphony Health Solutions, 2016

What would you include in your emergency clutch?

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